Engineered Wood Floors: A few Pros and Cons

To certain people, it is impossible to discern between an engineered wood floor and a solid board floor when built.   You can achieve the perfect look of natural wood with both types of wood in your house. But, engineered wood is another form of flooring, so you need to know what you get in advance. If you intend to invest in floor heating Montreal, think about the advantages and disadvantages of engineered before you get to grips with it.


  • Ease of Installation


Many homeowners choose engineered wood floors because the construction is typically simpler than solid planks.  It means that it would potentially cost less for construction than with solid wood. Moreover, you have to properly install the engineered warm floors so that extra comfort and character can be added to your home to increase the value of your house.


  • Versatility


Nowadays, the advancement in engineered wood flooring technology makes it possible to see this type of flooring is used everywhere. Whether you are finding flooring for your guest room or your basement, it is a perfect flooring solution. It works well in all weather conditions. 


  • Stability


Typically engineered floors are more resistant to humidity and provide greater stability than other forms of wood used to manufacture solid boards. This is possible because engineered wood is undergone through different processes so that it can provide greater protection than normal wood species. Moreover, it can withstand water and humidity greater than other wood flooring types.


  • Cost


Engineered wood flooring systems come in a different price range. If you are planning to install it with a floor heating system, it costs you a lot more. This wood floor style is made with different veneer layers. You have to pay more when you purchase thick wood veneers. It is nice to purchase the thicker wood because it can be finished many times to make the flooring system stay longer. Thinner wood veneers can be built cheaper but can’t be refinished. It means that after a few years you have to remove the floor due to heavy wear.

Considerations before Buying Engineered Wood Floor

Most people consider how will be the outer look of the floor and ignore how the floor was made. Here they do a mistake because this will determine how long it lasts. Engineered wood floors can be built with up to 12 layers of plywood beneath the top layer of veneer. It allows engineered floors to be used in different applications.