Are you attracting rats to your home

You may be big fame of the animated movie, ‘Your Friend the Rat’, but in real life, they are a bunch of disease-spreading pests. Their urine and droppings infect the air and the surroundings spreading diseases in human beings and pets. Rat-bite fever and Hantavirus are two of the significant diseases spread by rats. It does not matter whether you have bought a new house or stay in your grandparents’ old home; rats can infest anywhere. If you do not handle them appropriately, then you risk your health and the health of your family members. It might turn into a costly affair according to pest control experts. No one invites these pests inside their house, but unknowingly we perform many activities which attract rats.

We have listed down five activities that you might be performing which can attract rats. You might be surprised to know them:

Food bits and wastes

If you do not take proper care of your garbage and food wastes, then you give an open invitation to the rats. They feed on any food; they do no choose. Thus, if you keep your garbage bins uncovered or have food bits scattered across your home, then you must take care. Rats can easily sniff food items and enter your house. Always keep your bins covered and ensure that your house is clean.

Improper Plumbing system

With food, rats need water as well. Check for dripping pipes, or sprinklers, water bowl for pets and outdoor pools. These water systems attract rats easily. They come to hydrate themselves and eventually turn your home as theirs. Always keep a check on these water sources, keep any outdoor pool covered. Ensure there is no leakage in your plumbing system.

Garden waste

Just like human beings, rats need warmth besides food and water. Piles of leaves, compost or garden wastes act as potential nesting sites for them. They stay in these for a long time before they find their way inside your house. Also, firewood piles, discarded furniture or automobiles will attract them. It is essential to keep the exterior of your home as well as the interiors.

Allowing easy access

Is your house safeguarded and intact? Rats do not need any special invitation, nor do they enter via the front door. Any small cracks, holes or creeks inside your house will give them an open call. Rats will easily find their way through them and come inside. Rats can also climb. Thus, branches of trees should not be near your attic; else your attic can become their attic as well.

Indoor Plants

Just like you, rats also love fruits. It gives them strength. There are many species of rodents which feed on fruits. Hence, indoors plants bearing fruits can invite them for a nice supper. Many-a-times rodents hide inside the pots of these plants or in between the branches. If you have indoor plants, try to keep them away from the main bedroom living room. Also, ensure that you keep a watch on them and prune them regularly.