Common Causes of Boiler Breakdown

Boilers are an essential part of our lives. Breakdowns of boilers is something we never wish happens, especially not while we are in absolute need for it. However, one should always be aware of the various reasons a boiler might be damaged so that not only can you get it fixed on time, but also can take some preventive measures.

  • Condensate Pipe: The condensate pipe transports acidic water into an outside drain and can therefore freeze. In that situation a boiler might display a fault code. The acidic water is created due to the waste gas from the boiler after water is heated. The pipe can be cleaned regularly manually as well as by hiring professionals in order to avoid this situation.
  • Pilot Light: The pilot light often goes out due to a broken thermocouple that also stops or discontinues gas supply. Often residue is build-up on and around the pilot light which too can damage it and result in a breakdown of the boiler.
  • Pressure: Often there is a water leak on the pipe/s that supply water from the tank to the boiler. This might result in a serious pressure issue for your boiler. A faulty pressure relief valve might also create a similar situation and the pressure gauge is likely to read below 1.
  • Kettling: The word says it all. If your boiler makes bubbling or rumbling sounds like a kettle does while heating up water, there is some issue with the system. It might be caused from lime scale or sludge build-up and needs immediate attention.

We can’t do one day without hot water, whether it is the morning pre-work fast bath or the relaxing beauty bath at the end of a tiring day.This means whenever there is an issue you should immediately hire a professional like boiler repairs London.