Few Concrete Staining Ideas to Remodel Your Home

Every customer has their own unique needs and taste. You can however do custom concrete work irrespective of whether your present stained concrete is old or new. You need to analyze the ground carefully before you start the process.

Certain region like Oklahoma City may have extreme floods, droughts and also freeze-thaw cycles. The specialists for concrete stain Oklahoma will be able to create right solution to make sure that your concrete does not shift and crack. Only after that, one must implement any specific design that may have been chosen for your surface.

There can be many different ideas for concrete staining, but here are few ideas for concrete slab repair Oklahoma City which is worth considering.

  1. Bathroom tubs

Any concrete bathroom tub usually is small and needs little floor space, which is good enough for two. Embedded heat coils are also added within the tubs by few suppliers.

  1. Fireplace hearth

Concrete fireplace will look almost like stone or brick as solid piece and also stained with dramatic color. As it can retain heat and then slowly release it and help keep your room warm even after fire has completely died out.

  1. Floors

Concrete floors can be durable and practical and also easier to clean. It will need only regular dusting and wet mopping. They can also resist scratches and scuffs.

  1. Kitchen countertops

Concrete countertop will be seamless with no worries about cracks or water seeping in the joints. Countertop and sink will work as single continuous element. Also, you may add built-in dish drain and soap dish too.

  1. Kitchen sink

Concrete kitchen sink can be low-maintenance, long-wearing and can blend well with every décor. Any solid concrete sinks can retain heat and also dampen noise of any garbage disposal.

  1. Shower floors and walls

Concrete shower will mean no grout for scrubbing. Troweled-on concrete will create seamless and waterproof shower basins and walls.