The Essentials of Ant Removal from Yards

Ants are a common nuisance during those scorching summer months. They love to congregate and procreate in warm, arid areas, but can also survive during the winter season. For safety and food, ants create large mounds that protect their queen and her offspring. They can be ruthless predators with stinging bites and swarming potential predators and prey. For humans and domesticated pets, ants pose a serious risk since they attack in swarms, but also eliminate other pests from the perimeter of your home or office building.

Still, ant removal is essential and requires a pest control specialist in your area. With years of extensive industry experience, local pest control companies have the tools and expertise to rid your property of ants. They utilize cutting-edge equipment, pesticides, and ant extermination powders for mounds. The latter is especially crucial since the powder eliminates the queen and the offspring — thus preventing ants from feeding and procreating on your yards. From red and black ants to workers and cutting-leave species, there are so many breeds of ant that can create enclaves in your gardens and yards.

Ants can procreate at alarming rates and cause property damages across the board. They attack at will — and anything they feel threatened by. This is why it’s essential to keep your loved ones and domesticated pets away from ant mounds in your gardens. Like termites, carpenters ants are wood-destroying pests that cause millions of dollars in damages to residential — commercial properties each year. These ants also live in mounds and invade homes and businesses throughout the year.

House ants are also known to carry and spread diseases. While they do not stink or bite, they do possess a harmful odor that can affect the health of your home or business. They also contaminate open food sources and love to feed on particles and crumbs. Odorous house ants congregate in mounds but can also be lone nomads in search of food within your properties. Ant removal and remediation requires a professional hand with the right pesticides to prevent ant infestation across the board.

Pavement ants rarely bit or sting humans or pets. However, they do love to feed on garbage and filth and spread these germs to food and open containers. This is why it’s vital to keep all your food packages, containers, and Tupperware closed and sealed after you have used them for nourishment. Ants can cause significant damages to interiors if an infestation is present. They also fight with other insects like spiders and cockroaches over food and territory. This is why it is crucial to have ant removal services, like, performed at least twice a year. This will keep your property’s interiors and exteriors ant and pest-free for months to come.

If you are dealing with ants, mosquitoes, cockroaches, hornets, wasps, or other insects, local pest control specialists are just a phone call away. These experts offer complimentary consultations, free quotes, and pest control services for home and business owners year-round. They also offer promotional discounts for first-time customers that need ant elimination services for their homes or businesses.