Warning signs that you need furnace repair

A furnace is an important addition to the house especially in the colder regions to keep them comfortably warm. A proper maintenance routine helps your furnace to run efficiently for years and save you from the unnecessary expenses of replacement.

There are some warning signs as suggested by furnace repair services Palatine that indicate your furnace might need repair:

  • High electricity and gas bills: If your recent electricity or gas bills have significantly increased, it may be an indication that your furnace has lost its efficiency. Furnaces are likely to consume more power when they are poorly maintained or have mechanical issues. When you observe their effect on power consumption, it’s high time to seek the help of professional to get it repaired
  • Unstable thermostat: If the furnace is not able to achieve temperature regulation it might need a replacement. If the furnace is unable to strike a balance in temperature of different rooms, leaving one room cold and another a bit hotter it is a warning sign which should be paid attention. One should opt for repairing the thermostat regulator before replacing the whole furnace
  • Change in flame color: Furnace repair services Palatine says that with time the blue color of the burner flame may change to yellow. Conditions like water leakage, rusty pipes, soot accumulation, excess moisture, and a fault in the chimney can be the probable cause as they all lead to carbon monoxide production which in turn subjects the flame color to change. And also if the flame shows continuous flickering, it should be considered as a warning sign
  • Strange noises: Rattling, popping, banging, and squealing are some common indications of a machine having problems and a furnace is not different. The blower or other parts may require replacement if strange noises are being heard and you should contact a professional immediately