WFH essentials: Finding the perfect executive desk

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we work, and for many people, working from home wouldn’t be just a choice, at least for next few months to come. Having a functional, well-defined WFH space is critical for your productivity, and there are so many different things to consider. If you want to keep things as minimal as possible, the first and among the primary furniture items that you would need is an executive desk. Websites like Mobilart have a wide range of designs and styles to choose from, and in this post, we are sharing the basics that are worth knowing before you get one.

  1. Think of your needs. What purpose does an executive desk serve for your work needs? For instance – Do you need to use a lot of files? Or are you someone who does most of the work from a laptop? If you know the kind of desk that will work best for your routine, shopping would be a lot easier. 
  2. The space. Are you designing an exclusive WFH space? If yes, how much area can you really dedicate to the executive desk? Keep in mind that you may need room for additional things, such as storage, file bins, and your chair. Try and keep the space as visually clutter-free, as possible. 
  3. The design. There are all sorts of executive desks in the market – The L-shape ones, U-shape desks, straight desks, and more. Figure out what kind of desk you want, depending on the space you have. For instance, if you don’t want to use the center of the room, you may go for a straight executive desk that is cornered or attached to the wall. 
  4. The storage. Another aspect that matters for selecting a desk for work is storage. Do you need many drawers? Do you want open storage? What kind of things do you want to put on display? Does ‘ease of reach’ matter for your work productivity? Ask these questions before you select an option. If you are looking for a writing desk, keep it as simple and basic as possible. 
  5. Your budget. Finally, everything comes down to your budget, although an executive desk is more of an investment, so it is never a bad idea to invest in something you really like. You would also want the desk to become a part of the interior theme and design. 

Check online stores for more options!