5 Garage Conversion Ideas

Anyone looking to change their garage from a storage space or an otherwise unused area into an extension of their living space has plenty of options. By carefully evaluating the choices and figuring out which plan is best, it is possible to add a lot of extra useable space onto a property.

  1. Laundry Room

An interesting idea for an attached garage is redoing it to create a laundry area. The whole house can chance if the existing laundry area is moved. The old room’s walls can be knocked out to enlarge surrounding areas, or the space can be converted into a bedroom, closet or office space.

When deciding how to add a laundry room to your garage, it is important to consider different factors. Plumbing and electrical work will likely need to be completed in order to ensure everything runs safely without the risk of a flood or fire. Any moved electrical and plumbing lines will also need to meet any applicable city codes.

  1. Home Business

Serious hobbyists who are ready to turn their passion into a job will need adequate space to conduct business. Many workshops already exist in the garage but converting it into an actual place of business will require some changes. Drywall and a new floor can make it feel more professional. If clients or vendors will be dropping by, a meeting space with chairs and a table may be required to go over paperwork or to just sit and have extended talks. A mini-fridge can store food, eliminating distracting trips to the kitchen for meals.

  1. Gym

Many people find it difficult at times to muster up the willpower to go to the gym. They may find it is easier to follow through on their exercise plans if the gym comes to them. A dedicated room full of exercise equipment that can be used at any time of the day without waiting in line or worrying about other people’s sweat can make working out much more appealing. Flooring can be added to cover the concrete to make working out on a mat more comfortable, and hooks and shelves can be put up to store weights, bands and yoga gear.

  1. Entertainment Area

There is no need to let the rain dampen an outdoor event. Invite people into the garage to watch the rain without getting drenched. The entertainment area can be as simple or as elaborate as desired. Drywall and finished floors in welcoming colors create a great atmosphere. The grill with the help of green mountain grills reviews, bar and patio furniture can all sit under the roof to keep people cool in the shade on a hot, sunny day.

  1. Sunroom

For people who really want to change the look and feel of the garage, sunroofs can be added, and sections of the walls replaced with glass panels to flood the room with light. By finishing the walls, floor and ceiling it can completely transform the space into something unrecognizable from the original design.

No matter choice is made about how to convert the garage, it is sure to be a hit when the completed project is revealed. By complying with local laws, the remodel will be safe and may add value to a home. Get creative and enjoy the results.