5 Tips For Eco-Friendly Interior Design

It’s time we start caring about the environment. We have seen the impact our actions have had on the nature & how the nature has begun to heal as the world stands still. But as we wish for the coronavirus pandemic to end, let us not lose this streak of reviving the nature. Let this continue, by opting for eco-friendly interiors.

Why Eco-friendly Interior Design?

In this post about how green is interior design, various design firms pointed at the lack of regulation in this industry. The environmental efforts taken by any firm producing any kind of material to be used in design & development are purely by choice. Why would business owners make an expensive choice, when things are already doing good?

They’ll be forced to make that choice as the consumer, you, get more aware and push for eco-friendly interior design.

5 Tips To Opt For Eco-Friendly Interior Design

  1. Go For Minimalist Interior Design

Minimalistic design is one of the favourite styles of luxury interior designers around the globe. The demand for this style is exceptionally high and it’s highly sustainable. Why? Because, minimalistic design practices the approach of using less, organising more and keeping the design clutter-free.

So, when you’re not stuffing your home up with endless materials, you’re definitely doing your part in opting for sustainable interior design practices.

  1. Hire An Interior Designer That Practices Sustainability

Let’s be honest here. Opting for sustainable materials, and adding in features into the home that promote sustainability is a lot of work, which quite fearfully might be considered as a ‘hassle’ by many interior designers.

Take the example of one of the most populated cities of the world – the Indian capital, Delhi. Very few interior designers working in the area push for sustainability. However, the tides are changing there as the pollution levels soar high, and it gets harder to breathe and see the sky every day in this wonderful city.

Interior designers in Delhi like ANSA Interiors are taking significant efforts to promote design sustainability. They advocate for smart designs that save energy and involve less use of materials. By using smart systems like smart heaters, solar panels etc they’re able to save their clients a lot of money on the energy costs in the long run. It’s a great way to keep both the clients and the nature happy.

That’s why we recommend that if you’re hiring an interior designer, make an effort to hire a designer that promote sustainable interior designing.

  1. Get Eco-Friendly Materials

When it comes to selecting materials for your house, try your best to go for eco-friendly ones.

Disclaimer: it’s a lot of work, if you’re not hiring an interior designer to do this job for you. But it’s totally worth it.

There was a time when such a task would be incredibly daunting but as the green materials industry is projected to be a $80 billion market, many companies are diving into the production of eco-friendly materials now.

Research the companies you’re going to bring inside your home, and see what kind of methods they use for procurement and production of materials.

We recommend you to invest in quality materials that are bound to last longer. It might seem like an added cost in the beginning, but as such pieces would last longer, you’ll end up consuming less from the nature & make a big difference. Excessive consumerism is one of the leading causes of environmental decay & pollution, and it’s caused mainly by promotion of cheap items that need replacement way too soon.

Another way to incorporate sustainability into your home design is by opting for materials that are easy to clean. Why? Easy to clean surfaces would involve use of lesser chemicals and even, time.

  1. Add in a lot of carpets

Carpets add a lot of benefits to your interior design. They’re thermal insulators. They can save you a lot on HVAC costs. But that’s not all! They’re sound insulators and are perfect for use in noisy cosmopolitan cities. They also trap dust and can improve overall air quality of your space, of course you need to vacuum those regularly but that’s a small price to pay for so many benefits. Right?

We recommend using rugs & carpets made out of natural materials. Yes, of course, they’re expensive but they last longer, signify luxury and can be a great step towards sustainable interior design.

  1. Invest in upgradation of appliances

If you’re getting your home re-designed, take this as an opportunity to upgrade your appliances and invest in the ones that have better energy-efficiency ratings.

We agree that it may seem counter-productive in the beginning for you’re trashing your perfectly good appliances and getting new ones. But it’s for the good. Those appliances could be the cause of your huge energy bills and you need to let those go to start saving in the long run.

Lastly, just be mindful about what you’re using.

Think of the things that can be re-used.

Think of the things that can be upgraded to be greener.

If you just put your mind to it, you can really make a difference and opt for eco-friendly interior design. Good luck!