5 Top Tips for Decluttering the Children’s Bedroom

Finding storage space when you have a family is often a challenge. It’s even more challenging when you have toddlers playing with their toys in every corner of the house. A cluttered house not only looks untidy but also wastes your time when looking for things. Want to add more space in your house? Utilise the space in your kid’s bedroom to enjoy a spacious and tidy house. Here are top decluttering tips to guide you.

  1. Go for beds with storage space

There are numerous beds with storage spaces in the market. A good example is those with drawers under the bed as they give more storage space. Though Such beds are mainly for adults, you can always customise them for your kids. Besides, you can opt for a mid-sleeper with either a pull-out desk or a chest of drawers. These are excellent if you live in apartments with limited space.

  1. Utilise the space under the kid’s bed

Beds take so much space, especially if you live in a small space. That is some extra storage space under the bed. Just measure the width and height of that extra space under the bed and get containers that fit. The best containers would be ones that open on every side so you can easily remove items from different sides of the bed. Vacuum storage bags would come in handy when storing seasonal clothes for your kids. They increase space by compressing clothes.

  1. Add shelves on the walls

If your room or your kid’s room has normal wardrobes, you can increase the wardrobe space by creating hanging shelves. Such hanging shelves can act as shoe storage space and help reduce clutter on the floor keeping it tidy.

  1. Make use of kid’s storage bags

Kid’s storage bags are great for decluttering your kids’ bedrooms. They come in different sizes so you get to choose according to room sizes. They are made from quality solid material so you can store toys, clothes or any other kid stuffs. Besides, they are great shoe storage spaces to help keep the kids’ room neat. Most are made of plastic on the inside, making them easy to clean. You can be a little extra and have several bags for specific items and label them to teach your kids sorting and organisational skills.

  1. Maximise the closet space

A well-designed closet will make a huge difference in decluttering your kid’s bedroom. Instead of the conventional design, go for a closet with many compartments. This way, you have more storage space to store their stuff and make it easy to keep the room tidy. To maximise space, get tote storage bags to store things on top of the wardrobe.

Final word

Living with your kids means you have to take advantage of every available space. You can also create more storage space to help declutter the rooms and make them neat. Luckily, there are so many ways of creating space, so you have storage even when living in a small space. Just make use of anything that helps add some space.