Creative Ideas for Weekend Breaks


With COVID-19 creating restrictions on travelling abroad, as well as allowing many of us to work remotely and flexibly, the appeal of taking a weekend break is clear. Escaping the busy streets during the continued concern of a coronavirus resurgence and distancing oneself in a secluded area is an ideal scenario. And, as the UK’s lockdown restrictions begin to allow travel, more people will be looking to leave their homes and find a safe, enjoyable experience elsewhere.

So, to help inspire you, here are some ideas for creative getaways that will allow you to restore your happiness and experience something new, all while staying within the UK.

Sleep on the Water

As minimalism and the benefit of smaller living spaces become more mainstream, thanks to the popularity of concepts like hygge and personalities such as Marie Kondo, houseboats are becoming fashionable. If you search on websites like Airbnb, you will find numerous of beautifully designed homes that allow you to spend the night on one of the UK’s canals, docks, and waterfronts

Thanks to a growing houseboat culture and better technology, they have become simple and rewarding to use, with minimal upkeep. After a few nights on a cosy canal boat or docked on a WWII barge in a remote area, you may even begin to consider living on one permanently.

Book Ahead

Wigtown, Scotland, is the town of bookshops, similar to Hay-on-Wye in Wales. In Wigtown, however, there are bookshops that allow you to spend your holiday managing the business. If you are a bookworm who has dreamed of spending their days owning their own bookshop, it’s the perfect getaway.

Be sure to apply for a date early on, however, as the reservations are booked months ahead!

Into the Forests

For those who really want to spend time away from the city buzz (and perhaps phone signal too), there are plenty of huts and log cabins situated around the country that allow you to do just that. Cabins can be found on the lakes of Cumbria and in the forests of Scotland, allowing you to turn your phone off and go back to basics with a few nights of solitude. Some tucked away huts even have their own hot tub!

Grow a Little

Lockdown has driven many to begin baking bread and learning new recipes. To expand upon these new hobbies you can spend time on a sustainable or permaculture farm to learn more about growing and cooking

If you’re happy to get stuck in as opposed to relaxing with your feet up, smallholdings around the UK accept guests, allowing them to sleep in their rural homes while teaching them about food, from root to table. It is an incredibly rewarding experience and one that will leave you with a lasting experience.

Stay on Track

The UK has a great railway infrastructure. Over the years there have been remarkable trains that have no been decommissioned. Many of these trains have been turned into hotels and private accommodation, welcoming guests to spend nights on their carriages in quiet locations all over the country.