Everything About Capsule Wardrobe You Should Know

The capsule wardrobes are popular among people with minimalist properties who spend less and worry less. Eventually, a capsule wardrobe is to live comfortably with less and do not constantly buy clothes to add newer clothes to the collection. However, if you search for capsule wardrobes online and find that it suits your storage as well as the space available in your bedroom or other rooms where you want to install your capsule wardrobe, you will be ultimately glad to buy one from various designs of capsule wardrobes. On the other hand, the concept of the capsule wardrobe is not entirely new rather it is an age-old preference of people, but as popularity grew for capsule wardrobes it made a resurgence within the last few decades.

More and more bloggers and online fashionistas are discussing their experiences on using the minimalist capsule wardrobes, but they differ on their own conceptions. Everyone seems to have his or her own understanding, preferences and rules about capsule wardrobes there are common tricks, tips and set of recommendations to appropriately choose the suitable capsule wardrobe. 

A capsule wardrobe is a curated and limited collection of clothes, shoes and other accessories which can eventually promote simple living and reduce the mess in the capsule wardrobe. The capsule wardrobe can comprise around thirty to fifty items that can be used exclusively for a certain period of time. As per the popular belief, the concept of the capsule wardrobe was popularised by one Susie Faux a London based boutique owner. It was way back in the 70s when Susie Faux made the capsule wardrobe a mission to assist women to get their style through focussing on their wardrobe.

The concept of capsule wardrobe prioritises the clothes you like the most and that suit your body in terms of style and colour, and you preserve only those twenty-five to fifty pieces of your most favoured clothes in the capsule wardrobe. The capsule wardrobe should contain clothes, shoes and necessary accessories. However, the number of belongings in the capsule wardrobe depends on the size of the wardrobe and sometimes people exceed the number based on their preferences.

Another capsule wardrobe rule as per Faux is that every capsule should last for a maximum of three months which include swimwear and outerwear. However, loungewear, underwear and workout wear are not counted in the capsule but if you start to add your lounge leggings into your usual and everyday use, you should include them to your capsule wardrobe.