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We continue to enjoy the good weather, and with it our terrace and / or garden. Today, in particular, we emphasize furniture and decoration made with rattan. A material for the summer season. You want to know more? Let’s keep going.

Mediterranean style furniture

Rattan has been and continues to be fashionable both indoors and outdoors. It is also perfect as a Mediterranean style, for summer, and as a Nordic style for winter as well. Rattan chairs, armchairs, benches, wooden lamps and even rattan mirrors. This is a successful revolution. In case of Dining room furniture’s you need the right solutions.

Singular Market rattan lamps

We like the furniture and decoration made with natural fibers such as rattan because it provides warmth, lightness and elegance. Also, its light tones fit perfectly into Mediterranean, exotic and Scandinavian decorations; all in neutral and white tones. And why not? Also a strong tone like a navy blue that provides the personalized touch.

Classic design of wingback armchairs in style of occasional chairs that were originally conceived to be used in front of a fireplace. The “wings” on the sides were meant to protect the head from drafts and help hold in the heat from the fire before the chair. In our days, there are a lot of modifications of classic models. Delux Interiors suggest a wide range of winged back armchairs, to browse more visit website:

Rattan furniture Singular Market

In this upper image, you can see a terrace where white and the neutral color of rattan and wood predominate. These natural materials predominate in the rattan armchairs , in the rattan sofa, in the rattan table and in the ceiling lamps . The differentiating touch: the carpet, the pouf and the cushions, as well as other decorative accessories.

Indoor and outdoor furniture

Another advantage of choosing this designer furniture is that it is also suitable for interiors. For a dining room where colors such as white also predominate,it will be 10.

From Singular Market it seems to us a successful bet, different and original. Design furniture and decoration that looks on its own, providing warmth and tranquility. Excellent!

Do not rule out getting furniture or decoration of these characteristics because it is late summer. These designer chairs are ideal for the whole year, for the terrace or garden and for the interior of your home. 100% recommendable!

  • Singular Market rattan armchair
  • Singular Market rattan chair
  • Singular Market rattan bench

Singular Market rattan waitress

And so far we do a review of the essential pieces of furniture and decoration to wear in an open or closed space.

Today we want to continue with our tips, ideas and basics to get the coolest industrial style in your home. In this post, we are going to focus mainly on bedrooms. You want to know more? Keep reading…

Industrial style Singular Market room

From Singular Market we had the pleasure of collaborating with AD Magazine to publicize the keys to the industrial style with the aim of obtaining a bedroom with industrial airs. Here we leave you our collaboration.

If you are looking for something different and original for your new bedroom or simply to give it a new decorative air, the industrial style is an extraordinary option.