Get To Know About Plaster During Winter Months

There is a lot of contradictory advice on plastering during winter months, some individuals even saying you should postpone the plaster and return the job until the spring. This is of course not valid and will contribute to your construction plans being stuck at a deadlock for several months. Plastering equipment and plaster supplies Toronto are built to be used throughout the year, and whilst you prepare carefully and consider your safety, you can plaster effortlessly throughout winter without any issue.

Prepare For a Long Period of Setting

Plaster can take a longer time to settle during the winter months due to colder temperatures, so it is vital that give time as much as needed. Freezing temperatures may have a big effect on the plaster applying technique. You should not use any plastering materials on a frozen substrate. Don’t apply if the plaster is in danger of freezing until it is fully get dried (keep a close eye on weather forecasts before beginning your project).

Drying plaster needs a space to ventilate – even moving cool air is better than stagnant air, so do not be inclined to close the windows and trying to heat the room.

Ensure Safety First

Health is still the first thing; ensure that you wrap yourself with warm clothes (This doesn’t double up on your socks, but also selecting the right plastering PPE,). Please be extra vigilant if you operate in frosty weather – do not endanger yourself by carrying heavy-duty plastering equipment during ice and frost around.

Get the Right Work Equipment

We build all top brand plastering tools for use all year round. Moreover, several plasters and renderers have told us that they prefer some equipment because they work very well in the winter. For example, many professionals comment on OX Speedskim as it is suitable for cold months, for its versatility and usability. You must ensure that you remove water from your spray plastering machine every day. As when the temperature drops it will freeze. And, when you fail to do this, not only flow tubes can be compromised but also regulators and pumps can be affected extremely.

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