Home Upgrades- 6 Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Fibreglass Pools

The fibreglass swimming pool is the latest trend in most home improvement projects. It comes with numerous perks and is favorite among many homeowners. However, some blunders during installation can ruin the entire process. You can only avoid this by choosing the right pool design, and hiring the right pool installer.

Check out blunders to avoid during fibreglass pool installation:

  1. Choosing the wrong pool

Swimming pools are useful for various purposes. Do you want a pool for exercising and training? Or do you need one for family bonding and relaxation? Not having this information can result in wrong choices. Some homeowners acquire expensive pools and end up not using them. For instance, a pool with a deep end and a diving board may not be ideal for kids’ activities. Instead, it may end up becoming a safety hazard in your home!

  1. Hiring the wrong contractor

Pool installation requires a lot of expertise, and the worst mistake you can make is hiring the wrong Fiberglass pool contractor. Some pool construction companies use temporary workers, and others hire installers without proper experience in pool installation. It’s not easy to locate pool developers with experienced workers.

As such, due diligence is critical when seeking a pool installer for your project. Ensure that the pool installation company has a physical location. Moreover, visit their offices and ascertain the quality of services offered before contracting.

  1. Ignoring the contractor warranty

A fibreglass pool installation may involve multiple professionals. These are, for instance, plumbers, constructors and suppliers. Not having a clear understanding of what each part offers, and the warranty duration is a common sin. Some homeowners never go through all the contract details, which is yet another mistake. To avoid this, pay attention to all the contract details and understand the warranty period before committing.

  1. Wrong location

Pool placement plays a critical role in the installation process. Picking an area with underground electricity cables, and sewer pipes is a big mistake. Such piping can cause problems in the future, and this should be avoided. Consider the pool location and any underground cables before installation.

  1. Not installing a water feature

Ever seen a smelly pool? Well, this is something to avoid. Stagnant water can result in stagnant water leading to foul smells. Not adding a water feature means that you’ll have to deal with this. The water feature gives the illusion of movement, making the pool more relaxing.

  1. Going overboard with finances

The first step to installing Plunge Pools Sydney Coogee for your home improvement project is designing budget. You’ll be required to purchase the container and also cater to the installation expenses. If you lack the right financial plan, you may end up spending too much. Worse still, your project may stall before completion. Spend on the most crucial aspects like the drainage system and save where possible.

The bottom line

Installing a fibreglass pool is a great home upgrade idea. For a successful project, budget wisely and hire professional contractors to help with the entire process. Also, acquire the latest pool designs and shapes and enjoy a stunning look in your home.