Important Things to Know About Metal Roofing

Today, metal roofing is considered a mainstream roofing product. In fact, it is a viable option for virtually all residential structures, except those with flatter roof pitches. Also, it is possible to find metal that does not scream metal. There are shingle-style products that are virtually indistinguishable from asphalt roofing materials. When it comes to metal roofing, many people want to know if it is really worth the investment. With this article, it is possible to find the answer to this important question.

Metal Roofing Is No Longer Just a Novelty

In the past, metal roofing was only installed on higher-end, architect-designed homes. Today, this is not the case. In fact, metal roofing is now found on more conventional houses, too, thanks to how available it is and the improved manufacturing processes.

According to information provided by statistics, the market share for metal roofing has been growing at a rate of about three percent every year for the past several years. Right now, approximately 15% of all the roofing installations done are for metal roofs. The market share for asphalt roofs is also falling.

It’s Possible to Install Metal Roofing Over an Existing Roof

A metal roof can be installed over the existing roof without removing the existing shingles, as long as the building code for the local area allows this. Even though it is preferable to remove the shingles, tearing them off is a messy project, and it will increase the cost of the job.

One of the most common issues with this installation type is water vapor that gets trapped. If it becomes trapped in between the old roofing and the metal roofing, then moisture may build-up and result in rot and mold. However, it is possible for professional roofers to install a vented metal roof that will eliminate this issue. Another option is to install roofing over the furring strips, such as one by threes or something similar. This is going to raise the metal and create ventilating air pockets between the roofing layers.

It is a good idea to learn about the local building codes before investing in the installation of a metal roof over older shingles. There are some areas that will require a complete tear-off if a new roof is being installed.

Metal Roofing Are Not Any Louder Than Asphalt Roofing

While some people believe that metal roofing is going to be loud when hail or rain falls on it, the truth is, when it is installed properly, metal roofing is not any louder than any other material. Usually, metal roofing will be installed over some type of solid substrate. Also, the attic and insulation present will serve as a type of sound barrier. This means that most homeowners are not going to experience any increase in overall noise level when a metal roof is installed.

When it comes to installing a metal roof, there are a lot of factors to consider. Keep the tips and information here in mind to help ensure the desired results are achieved.