Roofing Materials to Settle For

As much as roofing is important to the house, so is the selection of material for the longevity of the roof. The better the material you choose the more long-lasting it will be. Contact the professional roofing canton MI for a better knowledge and variety of shape, colors and materials which are used for roof covering and repairing. You have to start with a good foundation appropriate for the type of roof you are going to install.

Earlier the only options available were: concrete tiles, slate and asphalt shingles. However, nowadays there are so many alternatives to it. There are different types of roofing material such as metal, shingles, rubber/synthetic rubber, tile, tar and wood shake. These are the finished roof; there are also roofing materials that go underneath the roof’s finish, like felt, rosin paper, lathing, plywood decking, ice and water shield and tar.

About some of the basic roofing materials:

1. Solar tiles: It is an advanced roofing option and is integrated into shingles already in use. They help you in offsetting the costs with that of solar energy.

2. Metal Roofing: It is available in the form of vertical panels that look like shake, tiles or slates. They have longer life and can sloughs off rain and snow and do not burn. They are lightweight and therefore, can be installed over existing roofs. The cost depends on the type and quality of metal you use.

  1. Slate: They are very durable and may have a longer life than the metal roofing. They doesn’t burn and are waterproof also. Moreover, they don’t develop fungus or mold. But they are not a good option for people living in an area prone to hail.
  2. Stone coated steel: They are interlocking panels that look like clay, slate or shingles. They can resist rain, wildfires, strong winds and hail. Therefore, is the best option for the home located in an area that is wet and windy. Some of them even comes with a lifetime guarantee.
  3. Roof Shingles: Three-tab shingles or architectural shingles are algae resistant shingles and are commonly used in humid climate areas to prevent staining. They are durable and last for about 15-20 years.
  4. Roof Tiles: Roof tiles are made of clay, concrete or fiber cement and are long-lasting in properties. Traditional clay tiles are reinforced for strength and durability. Concrete tiles are formed with a lightweight blend that makes them very tough but easy to work with. Fiber cement tiles are composed of wood and clay blended into the concrete for lightweight strength. They need little or no maintenance but they are brittle and may break if not handled properly.
  5. Wood shingles and shakes: Wood shingles are machine-cut and feature cleaner edges and a smooth surface to produce a more uniform appearance while wood shakes are hand-cut from blocks of wood, so have a more rustic appearance. They’re thicker too, so slightly more expensive than wood shingles. Wood roofing is prohibited in areas prone to wildfire. Wood shingles and shakes are durable but their repairing is expensive.

All you need to do is research about your area climate and reach for a best roofing contractor Canton Michigan and select the best roofing material as per the climate and requirement of your area.