heat pumps

What are heat pumps and their classifications?

The heat pump is a thermal machine that is characterized by achieving the perfect temperature both in winter and summer. With residential and commerical  heat pumps, heating, cooling and sanitary hot water can be obtained with the same equipment in a simple, economical and respectful way with the environment. Being the dominant heating technology around the world, it has become the ideal ally for air conditioning spaces and producing domestic hot water taking advantage of natural resources.

How the heat pump works?

Its operation is based on thermodynamics (in the transport of energy in the form of heat from one environment to another). In winter, it captures the heat from the outside and transfers it to the interior spaces to heat them. It also works in reverse, taking the heat from inside the enclosures to the outside, cooling them. The heat pump is made up of a closed circuit containing refrigerant that absorbs and transfers heat during its phase changes (It goes from a gaseous state to a liquid and vice versa). This circuit is called the refrigeration circuit and is made up of the following main components –

Evaporator: Heat exchanger in which the phase change of the refrigerant from liquid to vapor takes place by absorbing heat.

Compressor: Machine that using an external work, compresses compressible fluids, increasing their pressure.

Condenser: Heat exchanger in which the phase change of the refrigerant from vapor to liquid takes place, yielding heat.

Expansion Valve: Regulator for the inlet to the evaporator of the liquid refrigerant from the condenser.

Classification of heat pumps

Heat pumps can be used depending on the nature of the environment with which they exchange heat outside, to heat, cool spaces and provide domestic hot water, which can be done at any time of the year.

  • Aero thermal heat pump: they obtain heat from the energy contained in the ambient air.
  • Hydrothermal heat pumps: extract heat from energy from surface waters such as lakes, seas and rivers.
  • Geothermal heat pump: Geothermal heat pumps get heat from energy from the ground.


Before you buy heat pumps, it is recommended to buy branded product. And always call the expert from the best company specializes in heat pump installation, maintenance and repair. You can also consult with an expert online to know which type of heat pump is suitable to your budget and requirements. Professional installation or repair ensures an extended life of the equipment.