What Is The Difference Between Home Renovation and Home Remodeling?

One could see these terms being used often when it comes to making changes to the home. It is very vital to understand the meaning of these two terms so that you could plan to improve your home in the best possible way. Be renovation or Remodeling, both will improve and enhance your living space. These are two different projects and they have their range of benefits.

Renovation is the process of making some repairs and enhancing the look of space. Remodeling is completely changing the earlier model of your home. If you call up any home additions Toronto, then you need to be aware of what these two terms mean.

  • Renovation updates and doesn’t change

For instance, a kitchen remains to be a kitchen. When the place is getting renovated, only some repairs and few updates are made to the kitchen so that the look is enhanced. An installation like new flooring and a new cabinet faucet could be called renovation.

  • Remodeling changes the structure

 Remodeling involves the process of altering, the functionality and changing the design of a space. For instance, you might pull down a wall of a room to expand space. You would make some additions to your room. This could also be called remodeling. However, one could not say major changes made to the home falls under remodeling.

Remodeling could be stated in simpler ways like you turn a guest bedroom into space for a home office. If you had changed the purpose of the space, you had earlier, used it for a different reason, then you could call it remodeling.

  • Remodeling is expensive 

Renovation doesn’t involve huge costs. A person would want to make some reconfiguration like plumbing, ductwork, and wiring. As labour-intensive work is involved in the process of remodeling. It turns out to be a bit expensive. Renovation is very less complex so they are not as expensive and compared to remodeling.

Renovation is good for return on investment. If you are looking for a quick return on investment on the money spent on changing your home, then it is suggested to go for renovation. If you had made some changes to the basic features of your home, then you could see a better return on investment.

Remodeling does provide a proper return on investment, but it takes quite some time for the benefits to be seen.

These are some of the things you need to be aware of regarding home renovation and remodeling. It is also important to get the basics right before you call up a contractor to sign up for renovation or remodeling of your home