Why You Need Regular Sewer Line Inspections


As a homeowner, one of the costliest plumbing problems you could ever experience is a sewer line break. Fixing this problem is not the ultimate solution; it is essential to conduct regular sewer line inspections to identify your entire system’s issues and fix them before they get worse. Sewer line inspections, of course, come with many benefits that could help a homeowner save money in the long run. 

Accurate Diagnosis

Quality plumbing companies use state-of-the-art equipment, including cameras, to inspect sewer lines for defects. Sewer line technicians can twist and turn the cameras and zoom in on specific areas to get clearer views of damaged areas, enabling the technician to provide home and business owners with accurate diagnostics, followed by successful repairs. 

Tree Roots Love Sewer Lines 

Tree roots are some of the biggest causes of sewer line problems. This should not come as a surprise because tree roots are always looking for a source of water and nutrients, hence the attraction to a home’s sewer lines. Tree roots often use tiny openings and weaknesses in your sewer to infiltrate the system and wreak havoc on your sewer lines if left untreated. 

With time, the roots that have infiltrated your sewer lines expand, block flow, and cause extensive damage. Left unrepaired, your sewer lines may have to be excavated altogether for a complete replacement. Regular inspections help identify and fix such problems before they worsen. If the issue is left untreated, these problems can often lead to significantly more expensive repairs.

Accurate and Efficient Repairs

Plumbing repairs, replacement, and renovations require comprehensive plans to be successful. The plan helps home and business owners to determine whether the damages in their plumbing systems need repair, retrofitting, or a total overhaul. One of the benefits of conducting sewer line inspections is to give the homeowner a better idea of the repairs, replacements, or renovations required, how the job will be performed, and the total costs involved. 

Property Appraisal

Plumbing inspections should be an essential component of your overall property inspection, especially if you think about buying or renting a new property. Inspecting the property’s plumbing system helps you determine the amount you would be willing to offer for the property after accounting for future repairs. Well-maintained properties with excellent plumbing systems almost always attract new buyers and tenants because it offers them a piece of mind they’re unlikely to get with competitive properties. 

Avoid Expensive Repairs

Plumbing repairs can be costly. You don’t want to wait until roots invade your sewer line entirely. Regular inspections can help you to identify potential problems early before they worsen and become more expensive to repair. 

The good thing about inspections is that they are affordable and do not take much time to complete. The alternative; waiting until the sewer line needs to be repaired or replaced is much more expensive, will cause sewage backups, and may not be covered by your insurance.  

Timely Repairs

Timely repair is an essential component of all property maintenance. However, schedule overloads could sometimes push plumbing repairs to the bottom of the priority list. Fortunately, regular sewer line inspections enable you to get ahead of plumbing problems before they worsen. They can identify complex and straightforward drain problems and repair them on time before they cause costly damage, disrupt service or displace residents.