Best Cotton Bedsheets for Summer 2021

A high quality, comfortable bed sheet is essential for sound sleep.

Bed sheets are in contact with the skin for a very long time. Human skin being super sensitive instantly reacts to anything that has the slightest possibility of causing irritation, and hence a poor quality bed sheet can ruin your sleeping pattern.

Especially during summers, with the weather being sizzling hot, calls for a suitable summer-friendly bed sheet.

But which fabric should one choose for their sheets during summer?

The answer to that is COTTON BED SHEETS.

Nothing beats the comfort a cotton bedsheet offers in summers.

Here’s a complete guide for buying bedsheets online for summer 2021

Read ahead to know about the best cotton bedsheets for summer 2021


Without a doubt, Portico will offer you one of the best summer bedding accessories. It is one of the most recognised bed sheet and towel brand.

Their wide range of bed sheet collection with 100% cotton fabric is ideal for summertime. You can pick from a variety of colours and prints as per your summer taste.

Apart from that, they offer different bed sheet sizes as well. It includes – single bedsheets, double bedsheets, queen size, and king size. They also have both fitted sheets and flat sheets.

Their cotton sheets are supremely soft and homely. The bed sheet fabric being pure cotton without any twist enriches the quality of their product.

Also, if you’re looking for budget-friendly sheets, then this is where your search ends.

Want a comfortable sleep? Buy Portico sheets.

Bombay Dyeing

It is one of the oldest and most popular bed sheet brands. It was established in 1879.

Out here, you will get quality fabrics with the perfect thread count a bed sheet should have. They are one of the safest options for summers that have good absorbency.

Their lively and bright prints automatically match the summer vibe. They have motif prints, floral prints, leaf prints and bright solid colours too. However, they can tend to be a little more on the costlier side than other brands.


D Decor’s exclusive collection of finely combed-cotton sheets are bliss during summers. They keep your body cool all night long and take away all night sweats. Their collection also includes single bed sheets and double bed sheets.

Apart from sheets, they have good summer apt pillow covers and bed covers too.

Upgrade your bedroom with an accent of floral printed or solid coloured cotton sheets to enjoy the summer feels and comfort these bed sheets provide. Gentle on the skin and aesthetic in appearance makes cotton bed sheets the perfect fit for summers.

I’ve already grabbed my soft cotton fitted bed sheet and bed cover from Portico. It’s time you replace those winter bedclothes with cotton bedding accessories too!