Choosing the Best Wood for a Coffee Table

A coffee table is often the centrepiece of your living room, and an essential addition to the aesthetic appeal of the space. It’s also a comforting part of the home, where you unwind and enjoy a cosy cup of tea or a relaxing glass of wine – so the choice of your coffee table is an important decision. The type of timber you choose for your new coffee table affects the style, durability and cost of the piece, and so it’s a good idea to consider all the possibilities. This article will help you assess what your needs are and find out what is the best type of wood for your new coffee table.

What Are You Using the Table For?

The main thing you need to consider when choosing the type of wood for your new timber coffee table is what you will be using it for. Do you enjoy decorating your coffee table with candles, flowers and pretty table runners? Or are you a keen reader, who always has multiple books and magazines stacked on your table? All of these factors should influence your decision, as they can change the type of wood that is best for you. Perhaps if your candles drip on the table you’re better off choosing a more affordable type of wood that you won’t be too worried about. Or maybe you will need a really sturdy timber to hold all of your heavy books. Just make sure you keep these things in mind before making your choice, so that you pick something practical and suitable for your lifestyle.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Type of Wood


When you’re looking for a new coffee table, it’s best not to just pick the one you like the best.  First make sure the style of the coffee table you choose will fit with the existing decor of your home. So if you have a rustic cabin or cottage style home, something like pine – with its attractive amber-coloured knots and swirls – would be ideal. Or you could choose marri for a statement piece in a more modern, edgy home, as its unique, dark veins on pale wood would complement the rest of your decor. Many people also appreciate the classic, jarrah coffee table with its deep red colouring if they have a traditional, farmhouse home.


Durability is an important consideration when choosing the type of wood for your new coffee table. If you enjoy having dinner while lounging in front of the TV, or you love curling up with a book and having several cups of tea, then your coffee table will get a lot of use. This means you’ll need to pick a timber that is strong and resistant to wear, such as oak or jarrah. If your coffee table is more of a decorative piece in your living area, or is only used when you have guests over, then you can choose a less durable wood. Pine is a lovely, affordable softwood option, and it’s susceptible to scratches and chips, so is best suited for someone who doesn’t use their coffee table very often.


The coffee table wood you end up choosing usually depends on what your priorities are. If you have a limited budget, then you may have to pick something less durable and stylish. Generally, the hardwoods are more expensive, and the softwoods are the more affordable option. You’re paying for long-lasting quality, and so might have to protect your coffee table from the elements a bit more if you choose a cheaper option. Pine and fir timber are affordable, yet classy and attractive choices for someone looking to save money. It’s also worth considering that if you use your coffee table a lot then a hardwood might be worth the investment – you might actually save money in the long run because of its durability.

Choose a Reliable Timber Coffee Table Supplier

A coffee table is one of the most important furniture items you will choose for your home. It’s the central focus of your living room and must be practical, durable and attractive in order to make your living room a nice place to be. That’s why you need to choose a reliable, experienced craftsperson or timber furniture supplier for your purchase. Some places even make handcrafted, bespoke furniture and so you could choose the exact elements that you need for your home. The timber also needs to be high quality, ethically sourced from local regions, and crafted by qualified experts. Do your research, and make sure your timber coffee table supplier is someone you can trust.