How To Clean Quartz Countertops


Quartz is a highly sought-after material as a finish for kitchen countertops due to its varied natural color pattern, durability, and ease with which it can be maintained. Once installed, this luxurious material will usually only require simple cleaning to stay clean and retain its elegant appearance. However, just as it is essential to know what cleaning methods and products to use on your countertops, especially quartz countertops near Memphis tn, it will also be vital for you to know which ones to avoid.

How To Deal With Raw Spills And Stains

Dampen a cloth using warm soapy water. To keep quartz countertops clean, you generally only need something as simple as a mild soap solution. Warm water releases stubborn dirt more effectively than cold water.

Clean the affected area. Clean the surface of your counter in gentle circular motions. For dry or sticky residue, you will need to apply more solutions as needed. [3]

Get in the habit of scrubbing the counter whenever you cook a meal or bake something.

Rinse the counter with fresh water. Squeeze and re-dampen the cloth or sponge, then wipe the countertop one more time to remove any remaining

However, it is still a good idea to take care of spills, leftovers, and other stains before they settle.

If the soap is not rinsed off properly, it can dry out and form a foamy residue.

How To Deal With Hard Stains

Scratch hard stains. Now and then, you may have a hard time removing dry, hardened dirt using just soap and water. In these cases, you can clean the area with a plastic scraper. It will also help if you spray the dirt with lukewarm water to soften it and remove it more efficiently and with just a little effort. [6]

You should only use flexible plastic scrapers (never metal) and apply slight pressure; otherwise, you could create small scratches or abrasions that can get worse over time. [7]

Soak the paper towel in hot water and cover any stains that have spread over a large area with it.

Remove stubborn residue with a vinegar solution. Over time, food particles and mineral buildup from hard water can form a coating on your countertop. If you wipe it with a cloth, it could spread it out. However, you can remove it by using a little distilled white vinegar. 3

Apply a small amount to the countertop, let it sit for a few minutes, then wipe off dirt and cleaner residue with a damp cloth. [9]

Regular rubbing alcohol can also help loosen rare substances. [10]

Spray a glass cleaning solution on the counter periodically. As the quartz ages, the transparent resin sealant may begin to dull. If you spray a glass cleaning solution on it, this will help reduce some dull appearance, making the finish look polished and shiny.