Nan Inc. – Patrick Shin’s Biggest Accomplishment

With its offices located in Honolulu, Hawaii, Nan Inc. is one of the leading construction companies that operates in the state. What is remarkable about it is that it was founded in 1990, which means that it has been operating in the industry for about thirty years. For a construction company, this is regarded as a fairly young age to have achieved the milestones that Nan Inc. has. A look at the accolades and awards that have been given to the company for the exceptional job they have done is an illustration of their skill and expertise.

The only reason that Nan Inc. has ended up in the list of top construction firms in Hawaii is because of the man behind it. He was born in South Korea and was given the name Nan Chul Shin, one he used for naming the company. However, he changed his own name when he moved to the US to Patrick Shin because he wanted to adjust in the new country easily. Of course, his family was struggling financially due to which they had to live on a one-bedroom apartment. Things changed for Patrick when he won a football scholarship to Bowling Green State University, where he enrolled in business administration.

After getting his majors, he got a job with a construction firm in Hawaii, where he worked for two years. As he had always wanted to be an entrepreneur, Patrick Shin quit his job and founded his own company. The Nan Inc. Construction founder only had one employee when he began and almost no resources. The first project of the company was installing a road sign and that’s how things kicked off. Over the years, the construction company decided to specialize in general contracting, preconstruction and design-build services and were catering to the public as well as the private sector.

A number of government projects have been completed by Nan Inc. and they have also made a major contribution to the hospitality industry in Hawaii in the form of different resorts and hotels. Nan Inc. has accumulated a lot of expertise and experience in residential and commercial construction and their team has also expanded. They have more than 500 people working for them, who believe in collaboration and communication. Their goal is to handle every project with the utmost integrity and are committed to delivering quality work that lasts for long and speaks volumes about the company’s vision.