Plants that you can put in your backyard

If you are fortunate enough to have a stunning backyard in your home, you can boast that you have it all. The gardens offer us a landscape worth witnessing every day. So choosing plants that allow us to do minimum garden maintenance, such as those that are resistant to temperature changes or those that are very beautiful in and of themselves, we can have a good garden. Some of these plants are the following:

– Grass and stones: you can have a garden with a good lawn so that you, as a landscape designer, can establish an idyllic place by placing stones of all kinds of colours. Some examples are white, red stones or slates among others. It is a good way to spend our time in hours of confinement.

– Bamboo: it is a plant that has more than 200 species, although we normally find it in tropical climates, it has certain variants that develop correctly in cold climates. It is a very beautiful plant and has great ecological benefits. With it, you will create a very personal place to be able to relax if you wish.

– Sword of Saint George: it is also known as the language of the tiger. This type of plants are widely used both in closed spaces, as in our case, and in open states, this is because they do not require much space to form and have a good adaptation to the climate. If you want to be calm at this time of Coronavirus and purify the environment, you can spend your time cultivating this plant.

– Cactus: it is a very good plant for dry climates, so you don’t need to water it much. There are different varieties, so you can decorate your patio with one or more.

– Ivy: contributes to easier maintenance of the garden. This is because it adapts to all types of soil you have on hand and to any weather. The landscape designer recommends it to give life to the walls of your interior patio for its abundant foliage.

– Bugambilia: it is a tropical plant and is considered a climber. It has different colours that light up spring in your garden, it also gives you a feeling of tranquillity and well-being that makes you forget all these bad times we are going through.

– Palmeras: it is another plant that you can have if you have a stunning backyard. It has a very high size and is considered to be an exotic plant. Of course, you must bear in mind that when it begins to grow too much, you can no longer have it inside, but you will have to transplant it outside.

Therefore, these are some examples that we can point out to create a natural space in your interior patio and in this way you can feel active and healthy both physically and psychologically. You can even act as a landscape architect, creating your place.