Showcasing ALifetime Of Memories In The Photo Blanket

Your bedroom is more than just a place where you can relax and sleep; it is a personal sanctuary that you can decorate according to your lifestyle and unique taste. There are several ideas to create a comfortable and relaxing space that you have always wished for. A good idea is to turn your photos into a blanket to provide warmth during a particularly cold night or serve as a decorative object.

Steps in creating a photo blanket

A personalized photo blanket can display the image you choose in stunning vibrant color. You can opt for a photo of your brother in his football uniform or a memorable Christmas photograph of the family in their colorful holiday attire. If you want your own image to be reproduced on a warm fleece blanket, choose the best from your phone’s photo gallery. It is very likely that you have memorable photographs from your latest adventures that can be digitally scanned to the fabric. However, make sure that the photograph you select will complement the theme and mood of the room. If you are not sure which photos will work best, contact the professionals who can turn your photos into a blanket.

In order to create a photo blanket with confidence, make sure to choose a blanket material according to your own personal specifications. One of the most popular fabrics is the smooth fleece that is warm, comfortable, and inexpensive. Stunning pictures of high quality and sturdy finish can be delivered by the blanket material. A cozy fleece blanket is soft and lightweight and perfect for snuggling in any weather. 

Sherpa fleece has two sides – the smooth knit and the textured side that looks like fleece from sheep. The favorite photo can be displayed on the smooth front side while allowing the fleece backing to provide warmth. Meanwhile, try a different variety of textures that will feed the sense of touch and also the eyes. 

The fun part is choosing the design of the photo blanket. You have the option of using a single stunning photograph or a collage of favorite family pictures. You can be creative; after all, it is your own personal blanket. If you are giving the photo blanket as a gift to a friend or loved one, make sure to choose the pictures that will bring an abundance of joy to whoever will use it. If the blanket will commemorate an occasion, the photographs must showcase all the memories that have been shared. 

There are also different technologies that can turn your photos into a blanket – by weaving, knitting, or the use of dye. A photo blanket can be woven using a jacquard loom and a digital software that will scan the photograph. A photo blanket can also be created through knitting and a similar software. Instead of weaving the yarns together, they are knitted through a looping technique. The use of dye is a modern technique and produces the sharpest picture clarity. All the 3 processes are guaranteed to produce a permanent and long-lasting photo on your blanket.