The History of Star Pendant Light

The Moravian star shape originates in Germany where its called Herrnhuter Stern. The star as part of the symbolism of Christmas must be as old as the festival itself since the Star of Bethlehem figures so prominently in the nativity story. The Moravian stars were originally created as a geometry lesson for boys who attended the Moravian School in Germany and in the early 19th century. The moravian star clear glass antique brass ceiling light shade pendant has become a Christmas holiday decoration. The English name is taken from the Moravian Church, a mainline Protestant denomination, which first used the star as an advent and Christmas decoration in the 1830s.

A particular type of hanging star lights pendant that originated in Germany over a hundred years ago caught the fancy of the Moravian church and it has come to be associated with the way the denomination celebrates Christmas. Even today, the Moravian star is still a highly popular symbol across Germany and North America. The tradition goes that a Moravian star hung in a room will protect your home and bring you good luck. With its strong geometric form, textured metal finish, and glass, the Moravian star has been reimagined into attention-grabbing pendant lights.

Why We Love Star Pendant Light

The star-shaped pendant lighting adds a celestial vibe to your home, bringing the sparkling beauty of a night sky indoors. These whimsical hanging star lamps complement many homes, thanks to various finishes and designs to suit any style. Star-shaped hanging light fixtures are versatile design tools as well. They stand out in any room of your home, adding a layer of Moravian star light to your space..

Crafted of glass, star hanging light fixtures are a refreshing burst of energy in the form of lighting, giving a subtly mysterious vibe to the bold shape. Statement-making and design-focused, use a single as an accent Moravian pendant light or a few in different sizes to create your own constellation. They incorporate natural materials and distinctive finishes, creating a unique look and ambiance that leaves a long-lasting impression. This stellated multi-point luminary is gonna add a little drama and a playful touch to any room. Bringing an interesting vibe, this exotic pendant will twinkle in your home just as the stars light up the sky.