Types of Fences Installed By Edinburgh Fencing Services Contractors

Fencing of a proper type is essential for making the perimeter around your home secure, and also getting some privacy, if you are keen for the same. Know about some of the most popular kinds of fences that are installed by professional Edinburgh Fencing services contractors.

Wood Fences

This is a very common and popular type of fencing, and includes traditional as well as more modern fences. The installation expenses by Edinburgh Fencing services agencies for this kind of fencing is slightly more than chain link fences, although these fences assure higher level of privacy. You can pick a design which can add a solid wall all around the yard. A wood fence can last for around 20 years on an average. After every few years, you may give yearly painting or sealing to the fence.

Wrought Iron Fences

In case you happen to have wrought iron fence in the home, it can ensure a classic appearance. Such a fence cannot be duplicated easily. Such kind of fencing is stronger as well, and can last for more time than most other forms of fences. It can offer more protection and security, which can match any taste. There is no need for any special care, and you only have to repaint it after every 15 – 20 years. But it does not offer as much privacy as other kinds of fences. It is also costlier to buy.

Chain Link Fence

It is the most ubiquitous type of fence, given that it has a simple appearance as well as comes at a low cost. Buyers can see through this kind of fencing the special features in their own garden or yard, such as a mountain or flower bed. A natural area that lies beyond the fence can also be seen easily. This is a very functional fence from Edinburgh Fencing services contractors that stands as a very secure option for the entire family. Generally, it can last for around 3 decades with need for almost no maintenance.

Vinyl Fences

In the last few years, this has turned out to be a popular substitute for wooden fencing. It looks just like wrought iron or wood, when customized, but happens to be more convenient. The costs of installing such fences by Edinburgh Fencing services agencies is much more than wood or chain link, but there is no maintenance needed other than giving it an occasional wash. Also, it can last for a really long time to come. You can also get it in any design that you wish.