Use of Metal mesh curtain in decoration

As the name implies, metal curtains (metal mesh curtains) are made of metal mesh. Unlike regular curtains, wire mesh curtains are primarily used for interior decoration purposes such as restaurant ceilings, living room screens, and wall cladding, creating a brand new, artistic, and warm atmosphere in the room.

Decorative metal mesh curtains need not only aesthetics but also durability. We offer wire mesh curtains of various materials such as stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum alloy, and other special alloy materials. The surface of the metal curtain can be the original color of the metal. It can also be processed into a variety of colors such as bronze, rose gold, green, pink, and black.

dongfu decorative mesh curtain, also known as architectural mesh, is a new decorative material for the interior and exterior of buildings. Decorative metal meshes come in many varieties and specifications and have a very wide range of uses. It can be used as a wall, ceiling, partition, metal curtain decoration, elevator interior decoration, furniture decoration, window glass inner layer.

Wall decoration

Decorative wire mesh can be used as a wall decoration, and the metal texture of the wire mesh can be matched with the lighting design, giving it an attractive look.


Decorative wire mesh can be used as a ceiling. The mesh is a colorful and special style. In addition, the decorative metal mesh has the advantages of a lightweight, excellent breathability, and fire resistance.

Internal partition

Decorative wire mesh can be used as a room divider or an interior divider for decorative interior space and can be used to decorate restaurants, cafes, hotels, etc.

Metal curtain

Decorative wire mesh, including the metal curtain series products centered on shop windows and French window decorations, has a colorful appearance and a special style.

Elevator decoration

Decorative wire mesh can be used as a decorative mesh for elevators. It is a special kind of decorative woven wire mesh, which has a unique decorative effect.

Decorative Metal Mesh Used for Space Dividers or Partitions

Furniture decoration

Decorative wire mesh can be used to decorate cabinets, cabinets, desk lamps, tables, and chairs. Products come in a variety of styles and types and can display the finest furniture.

Laminated glass wire mesh

By sealing the decorative wire mesh on the glass, acts as a shade and can also protect your privacy.

What are the advantages of metal mesh curtains?

  • Metal curtains are not flammable.

Common cloth curtains are easy to catch fire. However, the metal curtains will not burn out.

  • It will help you much longer.

Whether made of aluminum or stainless steel, metal curtains can be used for much longer and require more maintenance.

  • Versatility.

Metal curtains include chain links, chainmail, chain-link curtains, and wire curtains. They are mounted on trucks, curves, or straights.