What Is A Leach Field?

When taking care of your septic tank, you need to feed your system with rotten tomatoes every now and then. If flushing down some yeast isn’t going to work, maybe another alternative way to repair and rebuild your septic tank is to use old tomatoes in your fridge. By doing this, you will produce bacteria in your septic system by grinding them down into your garbage system.

An average of 3 to 4 tomatoes every 4 months will be adequate in order to provide your septic tank with safe bacteria and break down waste. You can smash them and put them in a bag if you do not have any waste disposal available at home and you need a way to get rid of the tomatoes, then you can dump these tomatoes down the toilet for the same cleaning results.

When cleaning and fixing your septic tank, you should avoid putting those chemicals and stuff in your tank. You need to remember that you do not throw away all types of raw or fried meat, grease, cooking oils and fats. 

In order to know what a leaching area is, read this infographic.

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