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Outdoor Elegance operates our own logistics teams of our professional installers from our distribution and warehouse in Melbourne. The Melbourne Bay district, Mornington Pennisula, and weekly transfers are within easy reach. The apartments are in a very convenient location. Both regional centers, as well as Adelaide and Perth, are routinely served. Outdoor Elegance’s growing network comprises showrooms and warehouses in Sydney, Erina, Newcastle, and Canberra, new stores on Brisbane, and the Sunshine region’s coast.

We sell almost all of our lounges, outdoor tables, and chairs individually so that you can blend and fit to find the right combination for your style, budget, and outdoor space. Come in and help our team build your outdoor dream world.

Outdoor tables Melbourne

Our showroom in Melbourne is in Braeside’s southeast suburbs. The spacious gallery has a wide range of exterior furnishings, including outdoor lounges, outdoor dining rooms, day beds, parasols, and more. We also specialize in outdoor heating with a full variety of electric, gas, and ethanol heating solutions to help you make the most of your outdoor space during the year. If your love is for outdoor dining, visit the world-renowned Big Green Egg, our party of smokers from some of the world’s finest brands such as Bradley, Hark, and New to Australia.

The new outdoor furniture and construction innovations include high-quality fabrics including teak, glass, lava stone, marble, aluminum, resin wicker, and high-performance outdoor products used in our collections for Outdoor Elegance. All settings in our showroom in Melbourne have been curated for the local market from the world’s best suppliers. Outdoor furniture manufactured in Melbourne by the varied weather conditions looks fantastic and stays comfortable long after being built.

In Melbourne, a full selection of outdoor mobilization

Your outdoor furniture expert is your Outdoor Beauty! We encourage you to create fun, interactive living spaces from the inside areas of your house. This brings to your lives a whole new level because you can enjoy anything you need outdoors.

You get more similar to the natural world by eating or eating outside. It is the best place to sleep at night or on weekends. We will provide you with anything you need, be it a restful day alone in a relaxed and peaceful environment or social activities with family and friends outside.

We will also help you enjoy the outdoor way during the year, including umbrellas and heaters with different accessories, which provide you with total warmth when your season changes.

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A makeover is worth your backyard! Our selection of outdoor furniture will encourage you to imprint your personality on your house’s outside area and give you lots of fun.

You are always welcome to visit our showroom in Melbourne if you want to search our product line, where our team of experts will give you the full service you need. Please email us if you would like to talk to us about some of the things we’ll sell before you come. We will always be glad to help!


The showroom has a floor of 5000 sqm as a former military airport and has a large furnishings base. Their spectacle covers modular lounges, outside table and chairs, outdoor dining table, open plan dining table, outdoor chairs, outdoor dining table, outdoor sofa bed, outdoor deck, outdoor storage bench, and more. The showroom is also available at a retired military airport. We also have a brand-new gallery at homemaker lane, where you can shop a wide variety of trendy modular lounges and premium outdoor dining furniture: outdoor dinner table, outdoor dining table, outdoor table chairs, outdoor dining chairs, outdoor sitting bench, outdoor daybed, etc.