Could Germs Be Lurking in These Places In Your Home?

Now, more than ever before, more and more of us are becoming aware of the need to keep our 

homes hygienically clean and free from germs, and below are some of the worst offending areas 

of the average home when it comes to harboring germs:

Surfaces and items in your kitchen:

Dish sponges, cutting boards, the kitchen sink and countertops are all prime areas for nasty 

germs to breed in, and only regularly disinfecting these areas and items can you guarantee to 

eliminate them. It’s also important to change your dish towels frequently and ensure that you 

wash your hands before and after handling food or touching any items in your kitchen. 

Door handles, knobs and light switches:

It’s not just the handle on your bathroom door that’s highly likely to play host to potentially 

harmful germs, all handles and knobs are at risk, and light switches can be prime locations for 

bacteria to breed. As well as frequent hand washing, be sure to clean all handles, knobs and light 

switches with disinfectant, at least once a week. 

Surfaces and items in your bathroom:

We all know that bathrooms are bacteria hot spots, so when you take up house cleaning, make sure you clean entire bathroom at least once a week with a proven disinfectant, such as bleach, is recommended. You’d also be advised to close the lid on the toilet each time you flush, and clean the area of floor directly surrounding the toilet. You should also wash your bathroom towels regularly, and replace toothbrushes every 4 months or so, and especially after you’ve been sick. 

Bedroom sheets and pillowcases:

Most of us don’t need reminding about all the dead skin cells, saliva and sweat that can become 

embedded in our bedsheets, and all of these things allow for germs to multiply in your bed. This 

is especially a problem if you’ve been sick and stayed in bed, since some bacteria and virus can 

survive for a few hours on soft surfaces. Wash your sheets and pillowcases regularly, and in 

between washes, try to pull back the covers when you wake up so that any moisture on your 

sheets can dry out, giving bacteria less chance to grow. 

If you are sick…

It’s good to understand some of the prime places where bacteria and viruses can lurk in your 

home, especially if you’ve recently been sick and want to prevent other members of your 

household from contracting your germs. Clean commonly used areas and items frequently with 

disinfectant, wash your hands often and you’ll limit the spread of any unwanted germs. 


For more house cleaning tips and advice, or to get your home hygienically clean from top to 

bottom, consult with a professional cleaning company.