Few Pros and Cons of a Stone Bathtub  


You can give a stylish look to your bathroom by choosing a bathtub made of natural stone. Not only it will offer beauty and elegance to your bathroom, but also your bathtub will be long-lasting.

Let us look at a few pros and cons of any stone bathtub chosen from Marblebee Ltd. who is a well-known supplier of bathtubs.

Pros of stone bathroom

  • Long-lasting

As stone materials are naturally very strong and durable material, so, it will not crack easily even if accidentally something heavy item falls on it. Even if you suffer damage then it can be easily repaired too. Though the color may fade over some time, but with proper maintenance and care you can prevent it.

  • Retain Heat

One of the best advantages of using stone bathtubs will be that hot water can retain its temperature for a pretty long time than you expect. As it can easily stop the heat to escape from water, your warm stone bathtub may last much longer than any other material.

  • Repair Easily

Often the stone may get scratches after a long usage, but you need not worry as it can be easily repaired even if a deep scratch is developed.

  • Choice of Design

Besides your normal choices available for the shape of the bathtubs, you can also get plenty of choices like oval, round, square shapes, etc. With any natural stone bathtub, you will get much more choice based on natural beauty, or colors.

Cons of stone bathroom

  • Expensive

If you choose any marble bathtub for your home to offer a better look and luxury then obviously the cost will be pretty high. If your budget is very limited then going for a stone bathtub will be difficult to afford.

  • Extremely heavy

Among the various choices that you can find in the market for bathtubs, stone made bathtubs will be the heaviest as compared to all other materials. You may have to spend a great deal of amount while installing any stone made bathtub.

Therefore, if you are thinking to install any stone made bathtub then you should prefer ground floor only.