Finding A House To Rent In Bangkok 

As long as it is not in Bangkok’s Central Business District (CBD), you can search for a house to rent in Bangkok for just a few thousand baht a month. An apartment with basic facilities and a refrigerator can be rented for 5,000 to 10,000 baht or approximately $154 to $308 per month. If the apartment offers Western comforts, the rent will likely start at about 15,000 baht or $462 per month. 

Given the traffic in Bangkok, it makes sense to choose an apartment or house to rent that is close to an MRT or BTS station. However, the cost of rent is usually higher depending on the proximity to the mass transport systems. Most of the houses are luxurious and rents for about 30,000 baht or $925 per month. 

Rents are lower in areas that are outside Bangkok but again it will depend on the location you choose. A basic one-room house can be rented for only 3,000 baht or $90 per month. However, the problem will be transportation if the region is not close to the MRT or BTS Stations.

Where to find affordable houses for rent in Bangkok

Victory Monument is one of the most ideal places in Bangkok because of the transportation network and night market. The area is frequented by university students and working-class Thais in search of street fashion and affordable accessories. There are lots of apartments to choose from that are suitable for every budget.

Thanon Rangnam hosts a wide range of Thai and international restaurants, some relaxing bars and cozy cafes. You will find lots of nice service rentals and apartments in the area. Rental apartments and a few guest rooms are available in Soi Ari which is north of Victoria Monument. Street food is affordable although there are options for garden-style sit-down restaurants. 

Phrom Pong has a luxurious and societal image because of the presence of retail and leisure hotspots. The intertwining “sois” or roads are full of condos, mini-malls and independent eateries that create a unique community charm. Because Phrom Pong is an established section of the Central Business District, developers have been rather active in the area as proven by the number of condos and apartments. 

Phetchaburi is an area that has experienced a developmental boom in recent years. It is serviced by an MRT Station. The area has relatively good value with working professionals as the typical renters. A variety of quality condos is available for those who prioritize comfort and convenience. 

Last but not the least is Sukhumvit that appeals to a variety of budget options. Aside from upscale residences, there is a variety of apartments, condos, and houses. This part of Bangkok is perfect for those with vibrant and cosmopolitan lifestyles. Sukhumvit has an active rental market all year round.