For Truly Timeless Louvres, Choose Aluminium

There’s a sort of romance attached to old-fashioned wooden louvres – but ask people who have had to replace them and they’ll tell you that the timeless appearance of wooden shutters is not matched by long-lasting qualities. Timber might look nice but there’s an underlying weakness to the material that makes it a dubious choice for external shutters in today’s environment. .

Yes, wooden shutters can be treated with formulations, and regularly cleaned and painted but no matter how much care timber receives, it is still highly vulnerable to local climate conditions and is prone to warping, shrinking and cracking over time. This issue is particularly prevalent in rainy or coastal areas where the air is heavy with sea salt and moisture. In these areas, wooden shutters are not as capable of providing as much weather-proofing as they were designed to do; gaps appear between each shutter and they can swell. At the same time, they are not as secure as they should be. Those weather-worn gaps and rotting timber do make it fairly easy for wooden shutters to be prised open.

Aluminium louvres, on the other hand have been designed with today’s environment in mind. At first thought some might not be that taken with the idea of replacing wood shutters with aluminium shutters but modern aluminium louvres like the ones supplied by this company are available in a wood grain finish, as well as powder coated and anodised colours. So, it is still possible to have the look of timber but with the underlying strength and durability of aluminium.

Because of this, aluminium louvres are an excellent long term investment, making them in our eyes more timeless than wood. Aluminium is durable and weather-resistant and can provide superior protection against weather and intruders. Louvretec aluminium louvres are designed to stand up to the elements, even in coastal conditions. They remain fit for purpose and prove to be a much more impenetrable barrier than any wooden shutter.

Wooden shutters require constant maintenance to keep them functional and looking good, whereas aluminium louvres are much easier to maintain and clean, with a mild household detergent, water and soft brush or cloth all that is required. Yet another reason why aluminium is worth considering.

If you want a shutter system that lasts longer, provides better protection, is more weather-resistant, and able to handle the elements do consider aluminium. Contact us today to explore the options.