How to choose your interior lighting

An indoor lamp or wall light is chosen according to its lighting: direct, indirect, functional, ambient or diffuse; the decoration: modern, classic or design and its light intensity. Spotlights, ceiling lights, wall lights and floor lamps are solutions to illuminate the interior of your home. Bring light into your life!

What is interior lighting?

Based on the thermosphere you wish to give a room, the beautification or the kind of light you want, the selection of interior lighting gives you headaches often.

A room can be illuminated with direct, indirect, diffused light, filtered through aim pendant light, floor lamps, table lamps, spotlights, ceiling lights, etc.

Ceiling pendant lamps

Practically all parts of the house can be equipped with a suspended lamps. The electrical socket comes directly from the ceiling and is fixed to it through a spike and a hook or any other type of fixation; suspended lighting is basic in the rooms of a house.

There use to be a multitude of shapes, sizes, and designs. A ceiling lamp might be used as straight lighting (on a dining table), unintended (using a shade for creating a cosy atmosphere) or atmosphere (to create an intimate and refined atmosphere, etc.) or even verbose (filtered by a material which use to smooth the luminous flux).

It is important to choose the appropriate power depending on the rooms in the house or the areas to be illuminated. Not all ceiling lamps allow a wide variety of powers and intensity of light, so it is a point to consider before making your choice.

Tips for choosing the right interior lighting

Combine lighting

Regardless of the room, a single light source is not ideal. Think about everyday life and daily tasks. A strong and direct light as the main one, and one or more diffuse or indirect lights to create the atmosphere and relax at the end of the day.

Adjust luminous flux

The most beautiful lamp is useless if it is not equipped with a bulb with a luminous flux adapted to the needs. Also think about energy saving, studying the entire range of light bulbs available on the market: low consumption light bulbs, LEDs, etc.

Respect the decoration

Direct your choice towards a lamp that matches your décor. The modern with the modern, the classic with the classic. Keep in mind that you can choose a classic ceiling lamp, but equip it with LED bulbs!

Selection of standard lighting

Always choose a lamp of any type that meets the different safety standards. The standard marking is an assurance of quality.