Luxury Kitchens: Gracing High-end and Luxury Apartments and Condominiums

Luxury kitchens have won the hearts of many homeowners not by few functionality credits but mostly by aesthetics value. Luxury kitchens show off the latest kitchen designs and are now the selling point of many high-end and luxury apartments and condominiums. Most of these luxury kitchens carry and integrate the three main functions of kitchen such as storing, preparation and cooking. Designs are always in conformity with functionality and endorsing elegance.

Galley kitchen

Luxury kitchen comes off from user’s lifestyle, and basically suits the space available. Inspirations varied accordingly but ensure the layout and the types are the right for the user. The galley kitchen that is an inspiration from a ship or airplane is now becoming the dreams of many luxury apartment dwellers. The Galley kitchens miss out the huge kitchen layout but necessarily taking off the kitchen basics. The idea is taking the boxy to contoured walls and lining boards. The utility cupboards of several layers house the fridge and bar and have everything within the reach. Galley kitchen from a kitchen company may lacks in space but it makes up for in storage and the feel that you’re in a cruise ship or inside a jetty airplane flight.

Island kitchen

Space is the main thing in an island kitchen design. Luxury kitchen design usually has the space and works on aspect of extension. Island kitchen caters and accommodates growing and large family. The usual L-shaped shows off the open plan zone that serves as storage, dining, preparation and cooking. Latest kitchen designs in Island kitchen has island bench that runs in parallel to the cabinetry for prep space and as efficiency work space.

One Wall kitchen-

One wall —Mirror on the Kitchen wall makes a One Wall Kitchen simply but elegant. The fronted mirror mounted in front of the cooking appliance has reflective surface and fair elegance. A luxury one wall kitchen design usual has decorative items on the shelf and has the plushy open and airy atmosphere. Some designs have numerous high storage cabinets that can be used for storing occasional and seasonal items and accessories.

If you are renovating or building your kitchen and wishing to have a luxury one, you can visit Sydney and other Australian kitchen showrooms and see the latest kitchen designs that fit your lifestyle and purpose. Kitchen shops have multiple kitchen layouts to choose from and that will put your creating juices keep flowing and to enjoy your very own luxury kitchen.

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