Mattress Toppers As per Your Choices

This 2-in-1 mattress topper will offer your baby comfort and optimal protection throughout his nights and naps. It is certified 100 organic cotton, its many fleeces will offer softness and protection to stay dry. These absorbent mattress covers in organic cotton protect your mattress from moisture and baby leaks. Our fitted sheets have adaptable caps and elastic bands so that your mattress topper does not move throughout the night. This is your choice for the organic mattress topper now.

Very good quality of bedding

Organic absorbent & natural mattress topper

Did you know? A newborn baby sleeps between 16 and 17 hours a day. They spend as much time in his cradle. On average, a baby is clean around 3 years old. It is therefore highly possible that baby may have leaks overnight. So remember to protect your mattress to increase its lifespan.

A 2 in 1: Fitted sheet and Baby mattress Do not multiply the many sheets in the little baby cradle. It offers you a real 2 in 1 for its small bed: the absorbent mattress topper. This sheet is a real bed linen but contains absorbent fleeces in its heart allowing you not to add additional mattress pad in the small baby bed.

Thanks to this new technology you offer your baby a very soft and comfortable sheet AND an absorbent mattress pad that will protect his mattress throughout the night even in the event of leaks.

In addition to these advantages, we have worked on the comfort and softness of our fitted sheets. Thanks to its certified 100% organic cotton composition, your mattress topper is as soft as possible. Ultra comfort for the little baby’s back, its fitted sheet brings extra thickness to its mattress. This extra layer allows your baby to enjoy an even more comfortable bed. You therefore offer better sleep to your little one.

Very often, you ask us about the difference in use of the two types of protection for your bedding

So, we will simply explain this famous difference between the mattress topper and the mattress topper. More specifically, we will see on the one hand, what the mattress cover and the mattress topper consist of, what they are natural about; on the other hand, what materials they are made of.

For starters, the two have various points in common as obviously, to be used on the mattress in order to protect it. Then, the major difference will be the degree of impermeability as for the absorption of liquids which evacuates our body without neglecting the natural aspect of the material and the nobility of its making.


Hygienic and healthy, the draw sheet is a waterproofed tray with 4 elastic bands for each corner of the bed. Clearly, the difference between the draw sheet and the mattress topper is that the draw sheet contains a waterproofing agent. Its function makes it possible to preserve the mattress from liquids which could reach it, for a long duration. This is because it can retain a large quantity of liquids for hours, without them crossing. Thus, the mattress is spared and does not go to waste. Which is better for the wallet and the planet.