Perfect Cigar Humidor Solutions As Per Your Understanding

The cigar quickly needs an essential element for the fulfillment of his passion: a cigar humidor. The choice is vast, and selecting one quickly becomes a difficult exercise. First and foremost, it is important to analyze your needs well, in order to then orient yourself towards the range that best corresponds to them when going through the act of buying a humidor.

Size of the Cigar Humidor

You need to fix the quantity of cigars to keep inside your humidor? The size of the cellar will certainly play a role in the price of a cellar. But not only that you will indeed have to take into account other criteria such as the humidity level or the material that makes up your cellar. In case you are interested visit

Material of the Humidor

Indeed, a cigar humidor is generally made of wood: amateurs like to favor Spanish cedar, which has the quality of offering an excellent seal, which is imperative to maintain a good level of humidity inside. Your cellar needs to be about 70%. Experts do not recommend glass humidors, because of the loss of temperature, and therefore humidity, that a glass causes or you need a high performance humidifier.

If you like to vary the pleasures, you will also look for a cigar humidor with several compartments, which will allow you to better organize your collection and to choose without risking at best to mix your precious cigars, at worst damaging some of them during these manipulations.

The Capacity of the Humidor

The wood quality is indeed important, but we must also think about the measurement of humidity, which is difficult with conventional devices. After all, a good hygrometer is a very specific product that can only be found in opticians, and whose selling price is around 130 $: we understand that the measurements indicated on cigar humidors are sometimes more empirical than anything else. This explains why some brands prefer not to include an indicator, so as not to mislead the enlightened hobbyist that you become over time. Also get the science explanation  about the process.

Choose Your Humidor Wisely

On Cigar store, they offer a wide selection for you to choose the humidor you want to buy: these models will allow you to choose according to criteria such as capacity, color and ornament, for a variable price, which you complete with a humidifier, such as the Crystal range (25 to 45 $ depending on the number of cigars and therefore the volume of your humidor) which helps prevent humidity fluctuations in your cellar.

Finally, a humidifier works on battery or on the mains without compromising the capacity of the cellar (cigar oasis ultra). You program the humidity level you want and a small fan turns on to bring you the required humidity. Maybe you should therefore opt for the synthetic hair hygrometer? So yes, much less maintenance constraint for this type of hygrometer, because the hair is not likely to dry out and moreover the hygrometer remains very precise. However, it is still recommended to calibrate this type of hygrometer annually.

Digital Hygrometer

The digital hygrometer remains in our eyes the most precise and the easiest to use. In this type of hygrometer, some can display the ambient humidity level, but also the temperature. They are battery operated, often pre-calibrated and impressively accurate.