Some of the finest flooring options

  1. French oak hardwood

There are two types in the category of oakwood, namely French and American. French oakwood is more reasonably priced but they both can add a regal touch to your house. The French oakwood has a modicum of skill since they are cut differently. They have distinctive grain patterns.

  1. Hand-scraped hardwood

This is yet another type of hardwood with a very genuine appearance, owing to the fact that it’s been hand-scraped. Due to the human touch, it has a flawed, yet surprisingly charming irregularities in the handcrafted planks. This can easily augment the quaint beauty of any space. One can also choose from a variety of wood types like walnut, hickory, cherry, and oak.

  1. Exotic hardwood

Exotic hardwood has a way of adding that oomph factor to just about any house. It will most certainly add some glamor to the décor but it comes with a heavy cost. This kind of lumber has to be transported from halfway across the world like South America and Africa, causing the price to increment.

  1. Stone flooring

Stone flooring is undoubtedly natural, attractive and an all rage trend that stands the test of time. Natural stones like granite, marble, travertine, limestone, and sandstone, are a much better bet than synthetic ones. Each one of them has exceptional geological characteristics and are tough in nature. They are renowned for their cooling properties that make it ideal for tropical and warm climates. It can last for a century even! Still, it behooves the user to maintain the stone with regular polishing. This will uphold its beauty in years to come. It also demands a skilled stone cutter who possesses the artistic ability to chamfer the edges before attaching it to the floor. Italian marble is known worldwide for its defining quality of glamor. Calacatta marble is more white than gray and awarded the title of one of the most luxurious materials in the world. Companies like Carreaux Metro deal in various flooring options along with personal consultation services.

  1. Carpet

Carpets are a bit of an annoyance since it requires regular removal and vacuuming but on the bright side, it does feet great under the feet, especially on a chilly winter day. Carpets tend to retain hair and dust particles so if you’re allergic, its best to do away with it.