Sump Pump Failure – Know the Common Causes

The sump pump is often out of sight and out of the mind of most homeowners. It’s rarely used, but it’s a must-have when there’s a storm. It’s vital to keep your sump pump in good working order, just like any other piece of emergency equipment, and to take precautions in case the worst happens with the advice of a basement pump servicing company. Here are some of the most common reasons for sump pump failure.

1. Overworked Pump

The system alone can’t manage the amount of water filling into the floor, whether the sump pump is obsolete or the water is coming in too quickly. This is most likely to happen during flash flooding and other periods of heavy rain. The quality of the sump pump can also make a huge difference, so a cheap plastic model will never hold up against a severe thunderstorm. Purchase a larger sump pump or another model of comparable quality to ensure that twice as much water flows away from the base.

2. Power Outage

The most common reason for sump pump failure is electrical rather than mechanical. Utility-powered sump pumps will fail to work when stormy weather combines with a power outage. Flooded basements and disgruntled homeowners are the results of this. Installing a sump pump battery backup that will automatically work in the event of a power outage will help you prevent this issue. Battery-powered backups, such as the Pump Sentry makes the sump pump running at full capacity even if the power goes out. Install a battery backup for your sump pump to relieve the burden of thinking about whether your basement can stay dry during a storm.

3. Inappropriate Installation

The initial installation by any sump pump installation company can cause problems. Water damage could happen in the future if the manufacturer’s guidelines are not closely followed. Installing the pump on the incorrect surface, failing to mount a check valve, or failing to drill an air relief hole are all examples of improper installation. If you’ve ruled out any other possibilities, it’s likely that your sump pump was mounted incorrectly from the start. If this is the case, you should have your device inspected and suggestions made by a sump pump servicing company.

4. Defective Product

Although no one enjoys being overjoyed or relieved after purchasing something only to discover that it does not work, it happens all the time. Sump pumps are no different.  Often test the model and fill the pit with water to ensure that it works properly. You can also get small repairs done by a sump pump repair company.

5. Improper Maintenance

Many sump pump failures are found to be the result of improper maintenance. Periodically test the machine to ensure that it is in good working order, and then make any required repairs or modifications. You can always take the help of a sump pump maintenance company as it’s difficult to completely avoid sump pump failure; mechanical machinery can sometimes malfunction despite the best attempts to keep it in good working order.