The 7 Best Plants To Keep Under Your Patio

Patios are a great way to create a separated outdoor space from the rest of your home, while still providing shelter from the elements and a place to entertain guests. A lot of homeowners tend to invest a lot in the patio construction itself, as well as the outdoor furniture that they’ll place in the space, but it’s not just those that are important! Adding greenery can create depth, and draw the eye.

However, some plants struggle to survive under direct sunlight, and some plants are hardy and require little maintenance. It’s a process of finding out the right look, the right plants, and the right arrangement that can amp up the look of your patio. 

  • Palms

Palms are available in a wide array of sizes, leaf textures, and colours. Place these plants on the edge of your patio to amp up that tropical feel, or grab a dwarf variety to place under cover and add some funky vibes to the space.

  • Ferns

Hanging plants such as ferns thrive in shady, moist, and humid spaces. Place these in the corner of the patio, away from direct heat but still getting some sun, and you’ll also find that this spot helps them to catch some rainwater during the rainy months.

  • Herbs and Bug Repellents

Add some function to your aesthetically pleasing patio by placing some naturally bug-repelling plants under 9t. Grab some citronella, rosemary, lemongrass, peppermint and even lemon eucalyptus to keep those nasty bugs at bay.

Love cooking? Use your patio as a mini garden for your herbs. Mint, basil, coriander, chives, and lots more herbs thrive under shade, and make for great potted plants.

  • Alocasia

With large, lush leaves, Alocasia ‘Calidora’ is a plant that thrives in full sun just as well as in full shade. However, it’s important to remember that Alocasia needs moist soil, so whether you’re planning to place this on the outside edge of your patio, or under cover, make sure to check the soil’s moisture regularly. You’ll have to water this plant frequently, but the results are magical!

  • Succulents

Succulents with great water storage abilities are perfect for low-maintenance patio plants! If you’re a beginner, or just don’t have the time to garden too often, consider placing succulents of different sizes in your patio area.

  • Cacti

Cacti such as the Golden Barrel Cactus are great for gardens that require minimal care and attention. Whether you place it under direct sun, or under the shade of your patio, these spiky balls are attention-grabbing and thrive no matter what you throw at it

  • Japonica

Also called Japanese aralia, it prefers medium to full shade, and thrives in large containers under shady patios. Grab some slightly acidic, compost-rich soil, and you’re good to go!

 Constructing The Perfect Outdoor Space

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Stratco outback patios have a wide range of styles and colours to suit your home’s facade. And, if you’re wanting to create a green space for your plants to thrive and grow, there are different roofing options that can be configured to your requirements, too. From the simple, uncluttered lines of the classic Outback Flat roof, to a gable or curved roof, to a pergola system, you can even add the Outback Rooflite™ to supply filtered light to the underside of your patio, keeping your plants from direct sun and keeping them healthier as a result. 

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