The five ways to fix radiator not heating up issue

Radiators are the lifesavers in the cold weathers. In this needy situation, many face a radiator not heating up problem. Without a radiator, your house can become a mini-refrigerator in cold weather. When the radiator is not working, it is essential to take immediate steps to fix it. There is always a set of common problems that may cause this issue. If your radiator is not heating up, then you should follow the below-given steps. Let us see the common-steps to take if the radiator is not heating up. 

  1. Start with your central heater and boiler 
  2. It is best to check if there is any bigger issue with your radiator. The worse that can happen with the radiator not heating up situation is a faulty central heater. If every radiator in your house does not heat, then the first thing to check is the central heating system. 
  3. If you detect something unusual such as leaking, noise or no water in the system immediately seek professional help. There are many radiator professional services that come for emergency service. Contact them before fixing it on your own. 
  4. The trapped air radiator issue 
  5. The most common reason if an excellently working radiator does not heat up is the trapped air problem. If you are using the heater after some months, then it may not heat up due to the trapped air inside it. If the radiator is warm at the bottom and cools at the top, then it is a trapped air issue. 
  6. After detecting the trapped air issue, the first and foremost thing you need to do is bleed the radiator. There is a bleed screw in every radiator. Try to unscrew the bleed screw and you will hear a hissing sound. Do not panic because the hissing sound is the effect of trapped air releasing from the radiator. Once this is done, your radiator is good to go. 
  7. The radiator valve issue 
  8. If you think it is not a trapped air issue, then there is probably a valve issue with your radiator. If the radiator is entirely cold, then there is a fault in the valve. If you face this issue, then check if the radiators valve on both right and the left side is open. Ensure that the thermostat valve in your radiator is on. 
  9. Sometimes, the thermostat valve in the radiator can seize up. It can cause no cooling or heating effect of the radiator. This problem is fixable with professional help. Therefore, contact professional service to fix it immediately. 
  10. The power flushing need for the radiator 

If the above issues do not fit your radiator, then your radiator may need a power flushing. There may be a huge amount of dust and debris secretion in the central system. It can block the radiator from working-properly. You can find if a radiator needs power flushing if it is warm only on the top. This issue can block the radiator from heating completely. You can seek exceptional radiator services to fix these issues. 

  • Seek the help of professional service 

If you are still wondering why your radiator not heating up, then seek professional help. An expert can effortlessly identity and fix the issue. If you detect any radiator problem, then do not fix it by yourself. Always call an expert to fix it.  More often, the radiator not heating up issues can occur due to the above reasons. However, if the radiator issue is intense, then call the expert radiator service.