Three Ways to Sell Your Land in 2021

Your land is one of your most valuable assets and when you decide to sell it, you want to get the most out of it. You can do this by using available resources to get market value or higher. Also, you want to sell your land without stressing over tricky marketing and transactional details. If you are ready to sell your land in 2021, you have three options to do so.

Using a Realtor

Realtors have knowledge of the land market and what comparable properties have sold for. This means they can negotiate with buyers for you. However, the traditional route of listing with a broker or hiring a realtor will cost you money in listing fees and commissions, which means you get the least amount of money from your sale. And it can take years to see any money at all. Sometimes, the prices they offer may mean you are selling at a loss.

Selling Your Land Yourself

You may think that you will save the real estate commission by selling your land yourself. But, selling your land on your own can put you under a lot of stress, which can drag the time it takes to get it sod. Compared to homebuyers, land buyers have more practical needs and desires you must consider. Also, you will be responsible for your own marketing, which can also take a lot of effort, money, and time. Plus, you might end up setting an unrealistic price (overpricing or underpricing). When you overprice, it will take longer to sell your home than when you set a reasonable price. And when you underprice, you won’t make the most out of your sale. Overall, selling your land yourself will take a very long time and prevent you from getting the real value of your property.

Selling to a Land Investor

Land investors often close faster than traditional land buyers and pay full in cash. With them, you don’t have to wait for buyers who need to take out a loan from banks. Also, you don’t pay a hefty commission to agents. Land investors also offer mail-away closings, which is a great option if you are out of state and visit for it.

Moreover, these investors will often buy lands as-is. Thus, you don’t need to worry about any upkeep before closing or other extra expenses you were not planning on. When you sell your land to them, you don’t deal with frustrations or worry about driving out to your property for a showing. Land investors will lay out every step of the process and often have shortened, very clear contracts. With them, you don’t have to worry about the buyer finding out something you did not disclose, reducing your legal risks. So, if you want to sell your land easily and quickly, you should do so to a land investor.