Tips for relocating trees and shrubs

Deciduous or evergreen trees enhance the look and provide shade to your home. But sometimes they may harm your home like when they overgrow. In such situations, you need to relocate the trees to another place. You may think relocation of tree is an easy task, but in reality your small mistake in plantation can result in a dead tree. The professionals in Dearborn MI will tell you about precautions that you should know. You can also hire Tree Company Dearborn MI to get the task done. 

Here are some tips that help you in transplantation.

Select the location

Before transplanting the shrub or tree, find a place where sunlight can easily reach. Make sure that the new place fulfills all the requirements of the plant.  

Dig a new hole

The more the root is in contact with air, the more harm it will cause to the plant. So, you should dig a new hole before uprooting the plant or shrub. Never remove the soil around the roots.  

Measure the Root Ball Size

Get an estimate depth and width of the root ball for digging. Create the width of new hole two times of the root ball of plant. Don’t dig too much deep because this can cause rotting and pudding of the root ball. 

Dig around the plant 

To uproot the plant, start roughly digging at least 3 feet around the tree. Then you can easily uproot it. But in the big plant, it is hard to uproot. You can use pruners or sharp shovel for big plants. 

Transfer the plant

After removing the soil from around the plant, slip the shovel under the plant and loosen its grip, and gently move into the new hole.    

Care for the plant

After transferring the plant, they need moisture, nutrients etc. So, you can mix compost in the soil and keep the soil surrounding the tree embossed because roots need space for air circulation. Provide proper water especially in the first summer.