Top tips for printing your favorite photographs for wall décor!

Your home is an extension of your personality. While you may want to invest in a few art pieces and expensive paintings, it is also a good idea to display your favorite memories on the walls. Printing photographs for wall décor is the new trend, and services, such as Big Acrylic fabric prints, have made it possible to print almost anything of your liking. From photographs, you have taken on your digital camera over the years, to images off the internet, you can print whatever you want. In this post, we are sharing a few tips that may come in handy for your first prints.

Choose the medium

You can choose to get digital prints on various mediums – fabric, acrylic, glass, and metal. Each one has a few pros and cons, which must be reviewed and considered accordingly. Glass, for instance, is great for printing high-quality images with extreme clarity, but is also prone to breaking. Acrylic overcomes that but may need more maintenance, given that scratching is a major concern. Metal prints, on the other hand, can be heavier but are well-suited for outdoors. Fabric prints can be displayed on the floor and walls in many ways, although durability & maintenance are major concerns.

Select the right printing service

You have to select the best printing service you can find for your requirements. Printing photos on mediums like glass, acrylic or metal only makes sense when the end products look appealing, professional and chic. This is not same as printing tees or coffee mugs. The quality of the print and mediums offered are some of the things to consider, and you should definitely ask for samples. Check the ways prints can be used, because some prints are not suited for walls in particular. You may also want to know the materials better. For example, in case of metal prints, di-bond, which is made of aluminum composite material, is a better choice.

Find the best photos

Eventually, the quality of your digital prints on various mediums also depend largely on the images selected. Find the best photos off the internet or personal collection, with high resolution. Keep in mind that corrections can be done only to an extent, and the photo quality is even more important when you want the prints to be larger.

Ask an estimate in advance before placing the order, which depends on the medium, quality of material used, and size of the print, among other things.