What are the Different Types of Blinds You can Choose Nowadays? 


When decorating or redecorating a house, one of the essential things which people often check is what blinds to get. However, it is often quite confusing for people to get the best blinds that are available for a space. Hence, this article shines some light on different types of blinds available for people to use in their house. 

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Vertical blind 

This is one of the most common types which are used by people. From home to office spaces, it is used in different places without worry about how it might look. When using in homes, it is ideal for all rooms. Moreover, it is easier for people to clean it as all one needs is a vacuum or baby wipes. Hence more people are accustomed to using vertical blinds, instead of other kinds. 

Roller types

This is basically a fabric which is neatly wrapped around tube at windows’ top portion. Another reason it is quite popular is due to the fact that similar to vertical types, this one can also be used in any room in a house. To clean all one requires is to wipe it with dry cloth or wet cloth can be used if water-resistant is an option. To use it, one will need to lower or lift it using a plastic chain on sidewinder. 

Roman kind 

This is a fabric with soft folds that is designed to be decorative drapery when it is pulled up. It is ideal for bedrooms, dining, and living rooms. It offers a luxurious look to a place. It is paced on headrail that consist of chain and sidewinder. To clean such blinds one can simply use a vacuum clear or simply dry-clean based on fabric. 

Wooden types

These are wooden slates placed horizontally that can be tilted for controlling privacy and light. Similar to Roman kind this is ideal for living, dining and bedrooms. One can wipe it clean with dry cloth. These cords can be lowered or lifted and tilted according to requirement. 

Venetian types 

It is created using horizontal metal slats that can be tilted accordingly for controlling privacy and light. It can be placed in any room of the house and it will make it look more aesthetically pleasing. There is a rod which requires tilting for opening and closing it. 

These are the major types which people opt for; however, vertical blinds are primarily the choice of most people because it is quite hassle free. Though the rest of the names mentioned here is user friendly as well, most people opt for vertical types. 

Now that you are aware of all the types of blinds available in the market, it is your job to choose the correct one suited for your work. There are other than these standard ones also available which you can gather more information once you contact the professionals and get a consult from them. 

So, don’t waste any more time, hire a professional and get the correct types for your house!

James is author of this article on vertical blinds. Find more information about blinds.