What Are the Different Types of Vinyl Windows? Know Before Shopping

Whether you want to replace your old windows with new one or looking to purchase windows for your new house, vinyl windows are one of the best choices for both of them. It’s good to have a basic knowledge about windows before shopping.

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The following is some information about vinyl windows and its types that help you in choosing right type of windows for your home when you shop.

What are vinyl windows?

They are made with PVC (a synthetic plastic material). Window frames made with PVC is highly durable, strong, and it will have good insulating properties. Also, it holds the weather fluctuations.

Vinyl windows types

Generally, there are 4 kinds of vinyl windows that are basically available in the stores. They are:

Vertical Slider – This type of windows will open vertically on down tracks and are energy efficient and visually seamless.

Casement – These windows crank outward. They are the most energy efficiency operating windows.

Awning – They are same as casement, but their hinge lies on the frame top.

Horizontal Slider – These windows are same as vertical sliders, but they will open horizontally.

Customized or personalized vinyl windows

Geometric Windows – These are easily made into different geometric shapes including trapezoidal, arched, rectangular, or square.

Garden Windows – They extend to the outside space at an angle 90 degrees. With this, the room will look larger.

Bay and Bow Windows – They seem same as garden vinyl windows, but they project outside at customized or irregular angles.

You can choose any type depending on your home model and interiors. Choose the best company and get your quote to install the vinyl windows at home.