5 Reasons to Get an Artificial Christmas Tree

You probably don’t relish the experience of buying a real tree every year. You can use resources like Balsam Hill reviews as a guide to finding an artificial tree instead. 

  1. Less Hassle During the Busy Holiday Season

Buying a real tree always involves waiting in line, tying a tree to your vehicle and hauling it into the living room. Then, you have to deal with the sharp needles falling onto the floor and remembering to water the tree. 

You can easily order an artificial tree online for delivery or buy it in-store and put it in the trunk or back seat of your car. Check Balsam Hill professional reviews to determine what tree you want to buy. Some manufactured trees have pre-strung lights, saving you some time and money. 

  1. More Considerate to People With Allergies

Allergies to trees produced for Christmas like fir, spruce and pine are fairly common. Trees might have dust, mold or mildew on them as well.  You can save your guests from having to take an antihistamine or having to skip your gatherings altogether by investing in an imitation tree. 

  1. Artificial Trees Keep Your House Safer

Unfortunately, real Christmas trees cause many house fires each year. The heat from the strings of lights on the tree can ignite it, especially if the tree has dried out. Artificial trees are far more resistant to fire. 

  1. Imitation Trees Save You Money

It might seem like artificial trees are more expensive than real ones, but this is only in the short term. They can last for a few years (usually at least five). If you add up the cost of buying a real tree for five or more years, you will see that it makes financial sense to purchase an artificial tree. 

  1. Loads of Available Options 

Unlike a conventional tree, you can choose an artificial tree that best coordinates with your home decor. Imitation trees come in a vast amount of combinations of sizes, shapes and colors.