Even after the post Brexit era, the Britons cannot shake off the image of the ideal property, warm shores humid climate and glittering sunshine, yes Spain. Spain has for years remained the most desired tourist spot, the government tapped on this potential and initiated the program of foreign investment. Spain is the most popular choice for Britons and Nordic people. Though uncertainty takes grips because investment is not an easy task, but the market condition now seems promising. There is good news is that if you are planning on buying property in Spain. Now a day’s application costs are cheapest. The market rates are low now but the value is ever increasing.

Spanish government legislated last year that banks in the mortgage industry can no longer just play their role as borrower, it is binding upon them to pay the basic costs associated with mortgages.

Due to the conditionsome banks are now moving towards paying other mortgage application costs for their clients. There is a general shift in banks strategies and they are now favoring business with non-resident buyers.

Get a Broker!

Foreign buyers or domestic buyers are generally advised to use a broker for mortgages. There is no doubt that the mortgage market is plump for investment and the forecast appears promising as well, but one cannot sail smooth without the advice from an expert. All the success depends upon the lender and you are doomed if you have a wrong person. The application process also requires keen assistance, and done best by people who are well versed in understanding the nuances of application process and bank conditions.

The best time for Mortgage

In the recent years there has been a magnificent increase in the number of Spanish banks who are lending. This change in the atmosphere surrounding the banking has made possible the availability of some of the best options for people who ae interested. The Normal mortgages of up to 70% are available to non-residents from Europe and 80% to residents the people who are taxpayers in Spain. There is separate condition for people who are out of the eurozone, banks generally tend to spend less basing upon the client’s profile. But this is is the best time for people to spend in mortgage property in Spain as the interest rates are slump and have remained so for quite some time.

The Value of Consultation

Consultation can land you with best mortgage in no time at all. In our case we can boast having the brokers who have healthy relationships with the leading Spanish bank as well as the international banks. They have the history of seamless negotiation and are able to obtain the best mortgage deals for the customers in Marbella or elsewhere, the deals that can sound almost un attainable otherwise. Another important factor is guidance for the whole procedure, the set-up process is not easy unless you have required experience. So, our team is brimming with knowledge an experience, adamantly here to help you!